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  1. ReannaN

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    Jul 20, 2016
    Sorry I don't know whether this is the right place but-

    I've recently installed cfw on my n3ds when it was on version 11.2.

    I have Pokemon sun and wanted to use some cheats, I've read about SUMOhax?

    Can I use a guide to install it or will it muck up my ds and all the other software I have on it I.e FBI installed etc?
  2. Vverg

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    Jan 5, 2017
    1. Go into FBI, select scroll until you see NTR Selector and install that app.
    2. Download sumohax and just place the "plugin" folder into your root of your SD card.
    3. Start up NTR selector, click on version 3.4
    4. Start up Pokemon SuMo, it will blink (green i think). This means NTR is working
    5. Press Select (SuMo Hax uses Select), else X+Y for some other cheats (as in some other cheat plugins use other key combinations)
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