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    What I have in mind are games such as Oblivion, or Fallout 3/New Vegas (which is by far one of the greatest series I have ever played). It's not limited to just RPGs though. The one requirement is a game that is completely open ended. Allowing some exploration and such, with a nice story. RPG is a plus though. If you also know of a game on another system, please post it here as well.

    I guess GTA fit the bill, even without a story.

    I have played:

    Red Dead Redemption
    Fallout: New Vegas
    Fallout 3
    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Two Worlds 2 (Doesn't really count as open ended, but it come pretty damn close)
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    completely open ended.....with a nice story

    A steep requirement and one I am not sure any game has properly fulfilled yet (if nothing else pacing and open world are rarely friends) although I would level the same criticism at those games you already mentioned-
    Closest I can get to the thing you are after is "Risen"- it hit about the same time as Divinity II first hit (we have since seen a remastered version- it might do what you want but story pretty much goes out the window after the initial level and training) and dragon age (another close one but I have not put the time into this yet) which overshadowed it (although it is was an awesome time to be a Western RPG fan) and it suffered very badly for being a console port vs the PC version (do a search) but it was a half decent game maybe even great.
    Two Worlds II was fairly open world too (although it reminded me of the GTA 3 line in locking down where you get to go for quite a while) and I really enjoyed it.
    Equally many RPGs have open ended components (pretty much all of them that I have played do) but few, if any, are at the level of the the Bethesda games you mentioned.
    Still Venetica, Resonance of Fate, MagnaCarta 2 and Eternal Sonata all have open world elements and as far as we see in games a half decent story as well.
    Indeed you would probably have to go for something like Record of Agarest War to get away from open ended RPGs (even then that is possibly stretching).

    There have been a few open ended FPS games like Far Cry 2 but I would not call that a good story (probably not as bad as some people have taken to say though).
    Borderlands should be mentioned at this point although the story leaves a bit to be desired (the expansions are pretty good for it though).
    It is not what you want but if you are going through Fallout withdrawal you could do worse than to pick up a copy of Metro 2033 and maybe Singularity.
    The Operation Flashpoint series is a nice throwback to the Delta force games of years past but story and the like is not their strongpoint as open world means slightly more choice than your average cod game when it comes to picking where you want to shoot from.
    No story to speak of but if you want bad open ended stuff Cabela's do a bunch of games.

    Getting back on topic Darkstar One - Broken Alliance
    Port of a slightly older PC space sim and about the only one for a console I have seen in years. It is not a fabled elite killer but it gets the job done (I played the PC version but reviewers I trust say the controls held on the 360). Story and by that I mean cutscenes are pretty tragic though- we are talking seriously sub par episode/arc of your chosen space drama/"twisty" revenge story at best here.

    The Assassin's Creed series is fairly open ended and arguably story driven.

    Dead rising maybe- story and open ended come into it but I do not think it is quite what you asked for. It and the sequel are pretty fun though.

    If we are taking it back to RPGs or hyrbrid RPGs maybe alpha protocol once it gets going. Ignore the reviews for the most part (it was actually quite divided between the continents and this was noted at the time).

    I probably should mention GTA- the two expansions it got (which did appear as a standalone disc) doing fairly well for story stuff too. Saints row also falls into this.
    On that subject you also have Just Cause 2 although the story might not be what you want and mercenaries. Not sure where I would place Mafia II but I should mention it as part of all this alongside The Godfather II.

    Nier possibly and the sequel to the witcher is due in a few weeks but those are not really open world games. Aspects of it are open world but it is more the token addition.

    Sacred 2: Fallen Angel if you like your click 5000 times enemies. Story is as tissue thin as just about every other game in the genre and it did not make the transfer from the PC as well as it might have.
    Equally Dungeon Siege 3, The First Templar and Hunted: The Demon's Forge are due out at various points in next couple of months and all seem to feature a measure of co-op and open world ish gameplay.

    Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts might be although I might just be confusing hub world with open ended.

    I am tempted to mention Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack the Ripper and Alan Wake but we are getting very far from open ended if I do that.

    Hope my prattling has given you some ideas.
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