Streaming video to Wii U gamepad?

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    I know some hackers pulled this off a while ago, but we haven't heard anything else on the gamepad hacking scene other than USendMii(which is great BTW). So, I stumbled upon this link:

    Would it be possible to use the streaming option in VLC media player to stream video to the Gamepad?
    It would be super cool to couple that with USendMii, virtually giving us the ability to stream a video game to the gamepad screen as well as use it as a controller for that same game! Any thoughts?
    Oh, and if anyone knows an alternative program that is able to stream video via an internet browser, please do reply to this thread. I want to figure out a way for Wii U owners to use the gamepad for their PC gaming needs!

    With Great ambitions,

    EDIT: Found this, but it's $50...
    EDIT seems to work pretty well, I can't test it at the moment though, so if anyone's interested do go ahead and tell us how well it works.
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