Strange audio distortion on Switch version

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    this thread is following the one i started at Ubisoft forum :

    Description :
    I'm playing Starlink for about 40 hours now, and a strange audio issue appeared yesterday.
    The sound of the game (specially FX sounds) seems to be played inside a "canister" with something like metallic reverb/echo.

    So here a bit more of description :

    - i own the physical game, from France.
    - i bought the big DLC with every pilots, ships and weapons.
    - it appeared at about 40 hours of game.
    - it appeared the first time on Necrom, the last planet i discovered. All other planets are completed 100%.
    - the sound seems distorded, like hearing inside a canister with metallic echo/reverb effect. Or like oldy compressed MP3.
    - it affects FX sounds like explosions, ship motors, weapons, etc
    - it can come and go randomly. Sometimes, if i leave the planet (still Necrom), it disappears once in space ; sometimes it remains. It can appears for a few seconds or last many minutes (dozens).
    - rebooting either game or console doesn't change anything. The distortion can be here or not.
    - it doesn't affect other games i booted from the console itself.
    - i pulled out the cartridge and plugged it in back. No change.
    - it seems to not affect the game of another user of my Switch (he discovered only the 2 "first" planets, dunno if it's related). At least for now. I am the main account of the Switch.
    - it occurs both docked and handle mode
    - even when the issue is "running", it doens't affect voice acting, cut scenes (even those loaded from the menu from Collection).
    - I left Necrom, heading for Haven, the problem didn't came back (for now, played about 30 minutes after leaving Necrom yesterday).
    - it seems to me that the console was a bit of hot when this occurs, but ...
    - i never encountered this issue in any other game. The only other game i played in surround setup is Zelda BOTW. I played it for 200+ hours and never had this distortion.
    - the console has almost never been played handled, 99% of its time docked.

    I hope this will help in troubleshooting.
    See ya !
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