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May 20, 2007
Old lady on phone: Do you have 2 drawer file cabinets?
Me: Yes.
Lady: How much is it?
Me: Which one? We have multiple ones.
Lady: Which ones do you have?
Me: We have ones made from wood and others from metal. We have some in letter size and others in legal size. We have different depths, some have bars for hanging file folders, some don't.
Lady: I don't know yet, how much is it?
Me: They range from $40 to $160.
Lady: Can you be more specific?
Me: Not unless you narrow down what your looking for.
Lady: Well, I guess I'll just come by to look at them.

Unknown to us, a lady and a man are hunched down on the ground looking at something on the bottom shelf and I'm up front putting together my pull list and out of nowhere, they pop up and yell, like scream yell
Lady: Can we get some help over here!?
Me: Let me get the electronics specialist for you, he's right over there.
*I run over to grab the electronics guy, as I'm getting him, the cashier says to them*
Cashier: We're sorry, we didn't know you were there. We'll get someone over here right away
Lady: Well I'm sorry we're inconvenient to you!
*Then they storm out. The customer who was being checked out burst out laughing when the door closed*

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