SSBB DVD 9 bugs, help

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by LinkinParkmetre, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. LinkinParkmetre

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    Jan 30, 2008
    Ok, this is two topics in one, one for i, one for my friend (he didn't want to make a new topic).

    Beginning by me:
    WII PAL 3.1 E
    WiiKey 1.9g, reading speed to 6x
    I burnt one dvd Dl (n°1) that my friend bought: Verbatim DVD+R DL (but in the cd, there's a logo RW, but i can't erase my DL [​IMG], what's the meaning of this? ) with IMGBurn 2.4x, i checked the case with recheck datas
    It burnt succesfully, etc...
    I insert the disc in my Wii, 2 seconds of the cinematic and GREEN Screen... [​IMG]
    Now, i burn a new one (n°2), same config, and ummmm, screen goes well, intro works, etc... I go in sub emissery mode, first cinematic OK, second one OK, third (juste after the second one, before the second match) does work, green screen. After re inserting the disk... I finally works, i do start then A trick to avoid the cinematics. Then every cinematics bugs [​IMG]
    Since i was playing with the disc n°2, i was burning for my friend the same disk, and has same bugs as the first [​IMG]

    NOW, the all have been re re re re checked by my burner, which says they are 100% the same as my iso.
    Then, i have one question, why the DVD 5 works so fine on my wii, and this doesn't work as well, all cinematics don't work...
    Maybe this is my wii dvd reader which is bugged [​IMG]

    The second question is: I try to connect CWF, all right, no problems. Then i go to world brawl, watch a fight, win 180 coins xD, and try to do my own match. I don't have the time to select my caracter, vlaaaaaaaaaaan , 85020 (if i remember) error, try again, same error [​IMG]. Any ideas


    And my friend then;
    WII pal 3.1E
    ARGON chip V 1.3
    He just simply can't run any of the three discs, they're all recognized, and he has a white screen, he doesn't have the intro
    But his dvd 5 works well.

    Any idea for him?


    [​IMG] And thanks so much if you help us [​IMG]
  2. AeroScap

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    Apr 7, 2006
    The basic stumbling point is stuff to do with the second layer data.
    The best I can recommend is to use a different brand of media, diff speed (read 4X was better for newer disks) and possibly a diff burner.

    Does the argon even have DL support?
  3. LinkinParkmetre

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    Jan 30, 2008
    What media are you sure it should work with me (and my friend) config?.
    Should i burn it into 1x, but not in 2,4x
    And argon loaded the disc, in the wii disc channel, so i think it can read dl huh?

    [edit] do you have the md5 for the iso caravan? thanks [​IMG]
    [edit 2]And about the internet bug?
  4. Keylogger

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    May 3, 2006
    SO do you know if Argon works with DVD DL?