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Dec 17, 2019
the 90's 💙

So, guys, today cable TV is airing a Spiderman Marathon.
Like, all day I've been watching THE Spiderman Movies.
From Tobey Maguire through Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland.

Made me wonder about you guys's opinion on the Spider-Man Cinematic Universe.

Like... how come general people considers Tobey/Holland to be the best incarnations of the comic book character, when Andrew Garfield is a far better Peter Parker than the others.

Tobey Maguire:

My problem with Tobey Maguire is mainly his punchable face and overall expressions.
Like, I genuinely can't tell when Tobey portrais happiness, excitement, worry, sadness, etc.
Tobey uses the same fucking face for everything he shows.
Spider-Man sad:

Spider-Man happy:

Spider-Man worried:

Like really I can't be the only one not understanding his facial expressions.
And when he do shows expressions, they're overacted.

Spider-Man happy:

Spider-Maximum effort:

Spider-Man dumped by gf:

Spider-Man realizes mortality:

And don't get me started on that awful Emo-Cringing dancing scene :angry:
Also, Eric Foreman does a bad Venom Cosplay:


Tom Holland:
Now on Holland...
Holland is very unlikeable as Spider-Man. I don't know what is it but, he feels really awkward.
Of all the three actors, Holland's role as Peter is really immature in my opinion.
I get Spider-Man is supposed to be a Teenager, but Holland exaggerated on the character being underage.
Teenage problems such as being socially accepted, getting a girl, and getting to prompt night on time are the main problems on Holland's movies.
Since when "With great Power comes great Responsibility" stopped being the focus of the whole plot?
Even Tobey's character was somewhat relatable.
But Holland fails on that. The character feels weak, presumptuous, kinda dumb and irresponsible.
On a second note, Zendaya, portraying "MJ" sucks too.
"MJ" isn't supposed to be that cringe/emo/radical teenager that thinks nobody deserves to look at her because her skin color makes her special.
Like, how the fuck directors destroys an integral part of the Spider-Man Universe? MJ was supposed to be Peter's girl... not Peter's second choice. Why the fuck Flash Thompson is Indian?
Too much political correctness, inclusivity and modern shenanigans ruined the whole Homecoming franchise... I'm looking at you future Black Spider-Man... and no... I'm not referring to Tobey's Black Suit... with a possible Indian Venom :angry:
And who knows? Maybe this Spider-Man doesn't identify itself as an Arachnid :unsure:
This one is like the Green Hornet and Kato. Only that that was good.
Cheesy CGI, bad coreography, and a totally unnecessary side-kick = Spider-Man and Fato

Andrew Garfield:
The best Spider-Man in my opinion, hands fucking down.
Garfield's - Spider-Man problems feels more relatable, plausible and logical.
On both movies, he acts like a good Peter Parker should act: un-cooky, strong, smart, probably in late teens with more mature problems to solve and less napkins/pants to wet. The friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man everyone needs and everyone deserves.

Gwen, although not the main Spider-Man girl, feels, in my opinion much better than Kirsten Fucking Dunst and Zendaya.
Emma Stone nailed a really likeable character, much more comic based and less SJW forced.
Garfield's acting is infinitely better than the awful cardboard expressionless cookie cutter character Tobey did throughout 3 movies, and way better than the immature shit Holland portrayed.
Andrew Garfield, is, by far, the best Spider-Man that we've had.
And, did you noticed the cameo at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Like, seems we're having the Sinister Six appearing in the rumored Spiderverse.


What are your thoughts?
Do you follow these movies?
Which did you liked and why?
Which didnt?
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