soul calibur 3 moves = soul calibur 4 moves ?

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by ipumuk, Aug 28, 2008.

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    2 of my friends own a ps3 and we started playing soul calibur 4 recently. as i do not own a ps3 and can not play at home i am usually the loser of our competition.

    now i am wonderin whether the moves in sc3 are the same as in sc4? lets say i buy a ps2 and sc3 and play taki on that ps2; will the moves (button order) be the same as on the ps3 with sc4? can i practice sc4 skills on a ps2 with soul calibur 3?

    i hope you understand the question ^^

    take care
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    From the FAQ's online, they don't appear the same, but personally I wouldn't go out and buy a PS2 and SC3 just to practice moves for one characters that I'll sometimes play at buddies house who has a PS3 and SC4.
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    Some moves are still there but a lot has changed.
    I don't know how competitive you are, but my friends come over to play SC4/Tekken5DR and just have fun and not worry about losing.
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    can i just say something?
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