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    Apr 6, 2009
    Seems like such a minor point, but I am bored of reading my book. I read GBA often especially Wii-Hack and backup loader often, it is kinda annoying to go back and fore through wii discussions. However I do understand that the two needed to be separated. Suggestion to the Mod, anyway to make the backup loader section of the site a sub forum instead. Sorry guys seem like such a minor point, but for some reason I feel compel to write this, seems like I got some OCD about half way through my psych book.
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    Just get 2 bookmarks in your browser.
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    Or just bookmark this

    imho it's a good idea to keep it as 2 different sub forums and staff are working hard to get all topics moved, relevant stickies etc in each new section.

    IE & FF both support multiple tabs, so if you bookmark the link I gave you can open each one as a new tab or whole window. You could also open a few different tabs at once using the Favourites Centre in IE, or add a couple of links as your homepage to be opened at once. So you have many options (even more, but I'm busy)