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Not many people were asking though a lot of people actually need a complete save file to get passed the tedium that is completing the game. For anyone who is not in the know Sonic Riders Zero gravity asks a lot out of the player. A tad too much. Completing all the missions with xtreme rank is one to unlock super sonic (which isn't all that good) and also unlock remaining characters. And then collect way over 9,999 rings to get every board in the game. That goal alone grinding rings on end to get all boards is extremely tedious and I recommend no one doing period at all. Your looking at nearly 8 hours straight grinding. And that's assuming your using the gambler board that provides double rings upon getting first place and has a ring cap of 250. And because we also lack codes for the game, it's not exactly easy to get everything without pouring a painful amount of hours into a game for bad rewards.
So overall here is a save for the game. Import it through save manager GX and cut through the BS. I will personally ask that you don't go online with it unless you figure out how to change the name. As the online leaderboards on the game track people by name, not ID.
This save is 100% completed. All missions done, all characters, all boards, all courses. Didn't hit ring cap but I'm not going through more grinding just to do that.


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