sonic colours not working good on dsimenu++?

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    yes another one with dsimenu++ i complete tropical resort act 1 and 2 and boss and the special stages and it says a new area appeared and when i go to the hub sweet mountain is still locked and the rest are still locked too except for sonic simulator and tropical resort so is there something going on here? also it does not save, after turning it off then back on all the data was gone without a corrupted data message..... is there an anti save thing when its not used on cartridge? (if there even is a thing called anti save) or is it just broken... i used both eur and usa regions and the same thing happened :( any fix?
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    Sorry for the bump, but I think this is information worthy.

    That is an Anti-Piracy measure. You'll need to AP Patch your game in order for this to not happen.