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Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by Prime, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Prime

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    Nov 7, 2007
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    I downloaded a movie, it came in two mkv's. I could put it on SD Card and play it on my wii but i want to burn it to dvd since it is a great movie and it is a dvd rip.

    How would I go around burning this to a dvd? I usually muck up on this sort of thing. I don't want to go converting it because then the quality would get mucked up but if I have to convert it then I will

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    EDIT: Oh and I don't want to pick when part 1 is done, I just want it to play all the through without stopping to start up part two.
  2. DarkRey

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    Mar 9, 2007
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    i use this to burn my videos WinAVI 9.0 (this is not free, get it from the place where u downloaded ur movie)[​IMG]

    this software automatically convert and burn ur videos to dvd

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  3. juggernaut911

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    Jul 13, 2006
    United States
    Xilisoft has a movie stitcher!

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