Some System Transfer Questions

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    I have an O3DS XL that has A9LH installed on it and I'd like to transfer it over to my N3DS XL with no A9LH. I'd like to install A9LH but every time I try using System Transfer, it tells me to update. How do I transfer my data without updating?
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    Jan 11, 2016
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    Why are you doing this to begin with? Is it for dsiwarehaxx on 11.2? I just want to know the scenario, as a system transfer either might not be necessary or will screw you over. Like what firmware is each 3ds on?
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    I'd suggest installing A9LH on the new one and then perform the transfer; that way it's there no matter what.

    (Bear in mind I've only recently gone into the hacking side of the 3DS, but I'm not aware of any problems with that suggestion.)
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    Jan 18, 2016
    good thread,
    I also have a question for system transfer.

    Here we go:
    I have a n3ds(US)+arm9hax+luma firmware 11.3, can I system transfer to another (secondary) n3ds(US) that already have arm9hax+luma installed fw 11.2?
    why I asked for this? It's because the secondary n3ds AR system doesn't work, the camera runs fine, anything related to AR processing is broken (example: Face Raiders, AR Games).
    Can it be fixed through system transfer or is there any other way?

    edited: I forgot to mention that the secondary n3ds have no sysnand backup.
    I'm sorry for my bad english. Thanks :)
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    Why not install a9lh on the new system then do the system transfer?
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    Exactly my suggestion. I went through this whole basic procedure just this week. Bought a New, installed A9LH on the New and Old, transferred to the New (then also restored the old so I've got my data on both). It's fortunate that A9LH can persist with updates.