Some forwarder .dol Questions

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    I was thinking the other day about the forwarder dols, and i was wondering if it was possible to get them to use USB 2.0 speeds as well? I can notice a very large loading time diff from SD vs USB loading via the dol forwarders, and now that apps have USB 2.0 speeds via IOS202 all my Emulators are ran straight from USB anymore. I had tooken Pepxls forwardrs from his thread and tried changing them to use IOS202 instead of 36 but it Code Dumped, it obviously needs to be fixed to work with it [​IMG]

    My other question is im wondering if anyone has a working forwader dol for USB for Genesis and N64 emulators, I need it from USB cause thats where all my boxart is and settings for N64 and both of them do the same thing where it loads that from where the app was loaded off of, even though my roms are on USB, i need them 100% on USB or they wont show up/setttings will not save in N64 emulator. I was looking around on Wiiso and i found some forwarders that worked from USB with genplus but the problem was if there was an sd inserted at all it would not even try to load off USB, and i always have an SD card in my wii so it will not work.