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    I bought a Super Slim PS3 on OFW 4.41 and I've read A LOT of conflicting stuff about whether or not I can jailbreak it. Some say I can't because 4000 series PS3s can't be downgraded to 3.55, others say I can because Rogero can be installed on 4.41 OFW without needing a downgrade, others say there is new software that lets you downgrade to 3.55 on the Super Slim.

    I just wanna know which is true.

    If anybody cares, this is the video saying you can downgrade the super slim:

    And this is the Rogero video that says you can install it right on OFW 4.41:
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    Super Slim PS3 hardware dose not support 3.55

    if it only on youtube(and you need to do a survey) and NOT PS3 hacking news sites, it is fake