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    Nov 15, 2014
    My son wants a 2DS for Christmas and this is going to be my 1st experience with a Nintendo handheld. I'm interested in a flashcart to play ROMS. This is not the 1st time I will be getting my hands dirty in the modding scene but without the experience with NDS I'd like some assistance after finding information on my own.

    It will be a Nintendo 2DS XL that I will assume is running current FW (or Sys ver) which I believe is 9.2.0-20 U ?

    Anyway, a few questions:

    1a. With this system version can you play 3DS roms with a R4i Gold Deluxe ?, from what I have seen the answer is no ?, but still play DS games ?. System Ver required 4.0-4.5(ish) for 3ds ROM support ?

    1b. If I were to buy system version 4.5 off eBay I would be able to play 3ds ROMS ?, no 2ds supports system version before 4.5, am I correct ?.

    2. I've been looking at the best flashcarts, I've been leaning towards the R4i Gold 3DS. Will this work with the 2DS XL and with current FW ?.

    3. Where to buy - I've been looking at ModChipFactory, would you recomend this site ?, or have any other suggestions ?. The internet seems to think it's reliable but I would prefer a UK retailer.

    4. I'm assuming it's a simple case of placing custom firmware on the SDcard in the flashcart, placing whatever ROMs I require in the appropriate folders ?, perhaps some configuration. Would I also be able to play ROMs from other devices, such as NES, SNES, GBA ?, perhaps even SEGA ?. From what I have gathered the R4i gold supports SNES games with some other stuff, like eBooks.

    Any other help that you think I shall need I'd be very interested to hear and thank you very much for any of your help :)
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