Soma Bringer - Bugged Skill or what?

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  1. uruziel

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    Jan 22, 2010
    Hello there. I want to ask you a Question. You know game names Soma Bringer, i'm mostly sure of that:P

    Anyway, as Soma Class, there's skill that it's called *Element Mastery - Which adds xxx% Bonus to Element Damage. For ex. Wind Mastery - 100+% Wind Damage

    And Here's my problem.

    For ex. Lightening - That skill do have 600% Damage already, which shows me 1470 Dmg. With Wind Mastery Skill on 20+ lvl or 0 lvl, it stays same. 0 Dmg is added. But I noticed that, it ADDS TO NORMAL ATTACK, is that right? I mean, it adds 100% Wind Damageto Wind Damage from Weapon ( For ex. 60 Wind Damage from Weapon it goes up to 120 ), A bit useless for Mage Class - It's possible to fix that so it can boost up Magicial Dmg from Spells ? It's possible to fix that ? Or anythin?

  2. naoan

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    Jul 21, 2009
    Hey you were asking this question on ngemu forum weren't you? [​IMG]

    I suspect that it is indeed only affect physical attack, as useless as it be.