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Oct 22, 2011
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I've been using the EZ-Flash OMEGA DE for a while now and there are 3 things that could be improved in my opinion.
First of all, it would be great if there was a way to switch between MODE B settings within MODE B. Maybe with a homebrew app for the DS. The switch to get from MODE A to MODE B is a design flaw in my opinion and not beeing able to change the type within MODE B makes it even worse. You have to use this tiny switch 2 times to get from RAM to Rumble - good luck doing that if you are traveling with a train.
With a DS homebrew app that can switch the mode, a restart would be required as a maximum. Additionally, homebrew devs could even switch the omega to the mode that they want for their homebrew without any user inputs.
A solution that might be even better would be support for the commands that the Ez-Flash 3in1 uses. That way many slot-1 cards could support switching modes of the omega de out of the box.
Of course it would be best if a DS homebrew could switch between modes (without actually using the switch) but I understand if it's not possible.
/edit a solution might be to introduce a 4th mode b mode: 3in1

Secondly, Rumble does not work with DS homebrew applications. Sadly this feature was never widely used, but homebrew apps like Ka-Bo0m, Missile Command and STARFALL don't work with rumble. I understand that it might be hard to add rumble afterwards but could you at least make a pull request to libnds so that future homebrew apps can support rumble? This issue might at least be solvable by homebrew devs with the source for the rumble patches for gba games.

My third suggestion would be a DLDI patch. It would be great if DS flashcarts could access the memory card of the EZ-Flash OMEGA Definitive Edition for 2 reasons:
-Dumping DS games: using a slot-2 card is much more convenient in comparison to the wifi methods. A DLDI patch would be necessary to do that.
-Storage expansion: most DS flashcarts are limited to 32GB of storage (at least officially). With a DS fullset beeng over 100GB in size, storage space is limited. Add MP3 files, DScraft worlds (which can be 256MB each) and more homebrew data and you'll get to the limits pretty fast. It would be cool if e.g. dscraft worlds and MP3 files could be stored on the OMEGA instead.
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