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    Okay, I've been modding Wii's for some time, utilizing the "simplistic mod"...mostly because it served the primary purpose, and also because I really don't ever mess with the Wii, it's just been something to entertain the kids.

    More recently, while making sure my info was reasonably up-to-date, I ran across the thread of TroyTheZombie's animated channels, and it kind of made me wake up to fact that this Wii can actually do a lot of stuff that *I* would like it to do. So, I've been delving into the stickies -- namely the Ultimate USB Loader thread -- but I've been getting ridiculously lost and overwhelmed by the options. So, I'd like to lay out what it is I'm wanting or planning, and hope that some of you can either enlighten me directly, or at least point me to the info I need. [​IMG]

    1. Ideally, in regards to the system menu, I would like for it to appear like TroyTheZombie's video samples: only the custom loader/forwarder channels are visible. I know that this is not possible within the confines of the Simplistic Mod, so what do I need to do to make this happen?

    2. I know I will be needing a WBFS Manager of some sort, and it seems popular demand dictates AlexDP's Manager, which I must admit, looks pretty good. If anyone has any reasons for recommending a Manager other than this one, I'd love to hear it.

    3. Again, due to popular demand, I believe I'm leaning toward the Configurable USB Loader, but if anyone thinks that GX, Cover floader, or another loader would suit my needs and be easier to work with, let me know. (EDIT: 5 minutes in, and I'm already editing...sigh. After a closer look -- O.M.G., WiiFlow is beautiful, and I must have it as a loader for my Wii titles.....end of story. If someone has a link to a good tutorial for this, or recommends some specific variant of it, I would be interested in hearing about it.)

    4. My current understanding is that Gamecube games must still be played from disc, as normal, and not from a USB drive. Has this changed, or is this still true, and I'll need a separate loader for them? If so, does anyone recommend any specfic GC loader, or just the standard NeoGamma? If GC *can* now be run from a USB drive, can someone please point me to the necessary info?

    5. I know that the drive I use for the Wii can be partitioned as both WBFS and FAT32, for homebrew use -- but this is where I get confused. While I've not looked at the full directory of potential homebrew apps, my primary concern for the time being is the use of homebrew emulators. But my current understanding is that the various emulators like ZSNES and so forth, are NOT able to use the USB drive, and have to be run from an SDHC card. Is this still true? And if so, exactly what homebrew would I potentially be running from that partition of my USB drive, or is it merely for easy storage? If any of the console emulators can be run from a USB Loader, can someone show me exactly which one, and how?

    ....Sorry for the wall of text.... I'm pretty sure I'll have more questions as I fine tune all this, but I think this does it for now.
    Despite the potential depth of some of this, I'm trying to make this all as simple and idiot-proof as I any advice as I go along in that regard is very welcome.
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    1. Those samples just have the normal channels on a different page than the custom ones
    2. Only unless you want to use .wbfs files with a FAT partition
    3. The tutorial for wiiflow is basically the same as any other loader, just that you run Wiiflow instead of the other USB loader that the tutorial is for.
    4. Still true. GC mode locks out the Wii's extra features, including the USB ports. Thus the HD would be cut off as soon as the game started.
    5. Why would you want to? NES, SNES, GBA roms are small