So I'm in a pickle, sorta. What WORKS?

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    Been here reading for a long time. I currently have a Wii with Homebrew and such setup on it thanks to the great folks here. I have and do lurk a lot and have fairly recently been reading up on the DS's and using these carts. Well this evening my mom called and told me she picked one up for my son for xmas. I've been super busy and had shelved the DS thing for now but now I've got to get something done pronto with all this. The problem for me a lot of times is there is TOO much information about doing this and I can read about it for weeks. There are so many cards. My question is can someone that really knows their crap cut through it all and give me a good suggestion? Here are my questions.

    1. Is there anything on currently produced DS Lites prohibiting the use of the cards? I'm concerned a brand new one may have a ROM that can't be hacked.
    2. dollar for dollar what is the best, easiest, least expensive card to get that works? Brain surgery will not be performed with this, it'll be simply used for game ROM's, that's it.
    3. Where is the most reliable, fastest and hopefully, least expensive place to get the card?

    I know I know, search search search but as I said everytime I read for weeks about this sort of thing once I think I have it nailed down I'll run across something saying what I'm going to do isn't ideal or plain won't work and I get frustrated with it. Can someone cut through the poop for me?
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    1. Not to my knowlege, but some ROMs are harder to get working than others.
    2. Well, I'll have to say R4, because if you get a genuine one you've only payed a minimum of $25, and most of the time that inludes the Micro SD card as well. It's hard to get a real one nowadays, but so far it's the cheapest and it works with most games its given..
    3. I got my R4 at console source (google it) for only around $25, and it came with a 2gb Kingston Micro SD card.

    I must warn you though. With Revolution 4 DS cards, it's more likely to get a fake R4 because they're out of date and the creators aren't working on them anymore... and from console source, my dad bought 2 R4s, one for me and one for my mom... But the SD cards were different, my mom's was from Taiwan, and mine was from Japan, yet after 1 week of use mine needed to be reformatted (my mom's has no need for reformatting yet. WTF I thought Japan was the better technology place)... Oh the horror.

    I can't really say for other cards, as i've never even seen another flash cart in person. I like other carts though. Like the iPlayer can emulate GBA games and use the Nintendo DS Browser without the need for any slot-2 device, but the regular DS game quality I hear is kind of low......
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    I had the original R4 for several years. It's been a dependable card, but with the need to use hacked firmware to get modern games to run and no MicroSDHC support, I can't recommend.

    I agree with PharaohsVizier and just get yourself an Acekard 2i.

    I've got 5 different flashcarts now, and while they all have their strengths, I've chosen to buy Acekard2i's for gifts these year. Great card with really fast game support.