So, I threw my back out.


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Apr 25, 2008
Montreal, Quebec
So, as some of you may or may not know, I finally landed a sick ass job. I work at Winners in the shopping mall connected to the college my girlfriend goes to, and a lot of my friends, and it's not far, and it's from 7am-4pm, which are my desired hours! siiiick.

Now, I do a lot of lifting. My french isn't the shit, and I work in Montreal, so they have me working in the back-store a lot of the time. Apparently, you're supposed to lift with your legs which I totally just learned today, so, alas, my back and neck are fucked. I had the day off today, and my boss said it was cool, so I was pretty happy.

I'm relaxing, watching some T.V, and I get a phone call from my girlfriend. She's on break. We talk for a bit, then she goes back. I hang up. I get another phone call from my mom. we talk for a bit, she hangs up. Then ANOTHER call from my girlfriend. . lets just say the phone kept ringing all fucking day. Drove me insane, considering I didn't want to get out of bed since my back hurt so fucking much, and our cordless phones barely work.

Then, to make matters worse, my girlfriend and her mom and her moms boyfriend show up, and start arguing. So the majority of my day was spent on the phone, and hearing people bitch. There's this wacky rule apparently that we have to leave milk in the fridge (enough at least) for my girlfriends mom to have coffee. So if she's not home for 3 days and I want cereal? No dice. Have to leave it for her.

Pretty fucked, considering my girlfriend and I are the ones who pay the groceries. Anyway.

They start arguing over who's gonna' go buy milk, and they ask me. Now I need to dig deep into this. My girlfriend has these personal issues which she complains about all the time and have been bothering her for months. Yeah, it sucks, but she gets all the attention in the world about it and doesn't have to lift a finger. When my back is out and I don't want to get out of bed, its like "Oh well, get the fuck up and go buy some milk."

The dep is across the fucking street, Why don't you do it yourself. Anyway, fucking stupid.

So all in all I kind of wish I went to work today and my back wasn't hurting 'cause my day off sucked.

Oh, and I'm broke as shit. The End!

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