snes rom troubles on my cyclo ds

Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by Bridgy84, Dec 10, 2007.

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    so yeah, i don't think it's the rom, but the emulator i'm using on my cyclo ds evolution makes my chrono trigger rom glitchy, i think. i'm using SNEmulDS v. 06a. the text windows change color, or the text is partially cut off or it overlaps in the menu. the game kind of chugs too when running around a town. from what i know, the sound, especially in a game like chrono trigger, doesn't translate well to the ds because of the sound card differences. but is there a fix for the text problems and hiccups? or is that par for the course?

    thanks for any help!
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    My thread should answer your questions. Read through the whole thing.
    Answering your Question:

    That's SNES emulation on the DS for ya. The text changes color sometimes, it cuts off, and yes, it does overlap in the menus/equips. There are graphical problems in the Magus Fight, and the sound screws up sometimes, but it's rare.

    If you can take all this in, and try to ignore the crap that comes along with an underpowered system, you can fully enjoy Portable Chrono Trigger like I do.

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    As I don't think I posted in the other thread, here's some advice I find helpful:

    1. Make sure the snemul.cfg file is on the root of your card. It will make it sound a lot better. Don't save any settings for specific games, as v0.6a has a bug that deletes the rest of the config file when you do that, so you'll end up with bad sound again.

    2. Make good use of the area of the touchscreen used for fixing the graphics. If you tap it a few times, usually the text will become readable again (except in battles). In v0.5, this is in the GFX Config menu, but I can't remember where it is in v0.6a.