1. Kagaden

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    Jun 13, 2006
    United States
    SnezziBoy v0.24B For DS

    Gary has released a new port of a SNES emulator for the DS called 'SnezziBoy'. This is mainly a quick bug fix release.

    Fixes and Features:

    - Quick fixed a minor problem in the header detection algorithm in the
    Snezziboy builder. (This may require a more proper fix later...)
    - Fixed a bug with the XCE code that was emulated wrongly.
    - Fixed the VRAM allocation so that Illusion of Gaia works correctly again.
    - Remove the wraparound bug that causes clones of Samus' ship during the
    Super Metroid demo.

    Official Website: http://www.forwardcoding.com/projects/snezzids/snezzids.html
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