SMT 4 DLC 'Symbolic Equiptment' ;Free is actually .99

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    What I'm about to detail shows up in NA, I am not sure about other areas.
    When Downloading SMT 4 free download content (there is paid content also. Each seperate item you DL has two prior screens that give details and again re state the price. The one,listed as 'Symbolic Equiptment' will read as FREE every step of the way.... UNTIL, your final reciept, where you are charged .99 for the DL and the adjusted total to your account reflects the expense of .99.

    I'm pressuming this is someones mistake, but I would also doubt that N will give a refund once it's been done. Though I could be wrong.

    I've seen no warnings where there are limitations that would account for this discrepancy, so Buyer Beware.
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    They probably won't be giving refunds because it was never supposed to be free in the first place. The mistake is that it's labeled as free, not that it actually costs 99 cents. Once the error is fixed, it'll say 99 cents on the main screen.

    Plus, you have to go through a page where it says it costs $.99 and confirm to actually get charged for it. It only says free on the main selection screen, I just bought it...
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    Gonna hate myself for paying for this kinda DLC, but I have to have that. It's very...Persona.