Gaming Smash Bros 3DS is slower after instaling CFW?


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Jun 17, 2012
I don't know where i should put this, if it's wrong place, sorry in advance.

So, question like in the name.

I noticed that Smash Bros for 3DS runs much slower after installing CFW.
I noticed it on my n3DSXL 11.2E ( i have it since year and half, played Smash since i got it ( my first eshop purchased game, around 300h on it) ( and yes, i know, UPDATE IT ALREADY. i would, but too lazy). I was like dang, that's loading fast. But after installing CFW, i noticed that it runs slower. so slow that it sometimes hangs up.
I tried reinstalling the game, formatting sd card and even trying out different sd card, nothing worked. Since i was about to get n2dsxl i was like "welp, it's gonne be better here for sure.
But to my surprise, after installing cfw on my new n2dsxl(11.5E), it's the same.

what the heck? any ideas? it's not sd card related problem, i got new sd cards for my n3dsxl and n2dsxl. both consoles were bought brand new from the store.
if someone could help or at least, explain what's wrong here, i would be thankfull.
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