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    Oct 15, 2008
    I've installed CIOScorp and preloader (on 3.2e), everything seems to work fine no problems in the operation of my Wii games run fine etc but I do have one concern, when I press home and reboot to system menu my Wii goes back to the health and safety screen (I have got preloader set to boot to system menu), is this normal with preloader? It's not causeing any problems at the moment but I was wondering if it could later on?
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    Sorry, but it's a noob question. Ask it in the noob thread plox.

    What you should do is go into its settings, and there's this option:

    Set return to according to your preference, here's a matrix:
    i)Preloader: If autoboot is set, it'll boot the autoboot. If not, it'll return to preloader menu
    ii)System Menu: It'll just boot to the System Menu, without a safety and warnings screen

    Taken from my Preloader Guide found here on GBATemp.
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