Hacking Sky3DS DiskWriter v1.06b5 Falco mod


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Jan 29, 2008
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Gambia, The

I just modified the official DiskWriter v1.06b5 (latest on site) to support saving multiple games at once. If done over Files -> Backup Save Data, it still creates a single file where you have to keep the games order. If you rightclick on a single file and choose Backup save, it still saves the save file for this game. So far nothing new. But if you select more than one game, do a right click on it an choose Backup save, it will backup all the games one after another into the folder selected (with saveAllGames.sav being ignored). Just an ugly hack since I just did it fo me and didn't want to but too much effort into it...

Also I added the manifest so that the exe asks for administrator rights when started, avoiding problems with the card not being able to be read...

So, if anyone is interested, here is the link:

Please keep in mind that this is no official release at all and that my modifications might get lost with the next official release you get. Also I'm not responsible if you lose saves. I tested it myself and for me it worked. Would be great if some other people can check that everything works (and take a backup with the official version before and move it into another folder, just to be sure).


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