Hacking Sky3DS Disk writer tool errors.


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Nov 6, 2014
United States
I have been having issues with the sky3ds disk writer tool since day one. Every time I open in it tells me that my card is not formatted for the tool and it forces me to format it again. I have used 4 different card from different manufacturers with varying card sizes.

After I format the card I can write games to it but all of the games lock up after the main menu or during loading screens.

Sometimes when I open the disk writer I get an error saying an unhandled exception has occurred in my application and then it closes. After that I can choose continue and format my card again or choose quit reopen the application and format my card again.

I don't think it is something that the sky3ds cart is doing to my memory card because it happen whether I put my sd card in the sky3ds or not.

The games freeze on both the red and blue button sky3ds but I can cycle through every game without a problem.

I do not think that this a fake sd card issue. One of my sd cards was a fake that came with the sky3ds. When I put games on that only one or two would show on my 3ds. With my other sd cards I can see every game.

[Edit] After weeks of frustration I think I finally figured it out. Writing games now will update later (like anyone really cares).

[Edit #2] Still no love. I read somewhere that running in compatibility mode with xp might work but same problem. I have been messing around with the order that I am loading roms and I think it may be possible that one of my roms is bad and causing the errors. On a side note my usb hard drive was disconnected while loading roms and it corrupted my sd card. The disk writer will not re format it to default so it is now only a 512k sd card instead of 32gb.

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