Simpler Wii Video Reencoding for the Wii (not vlc)

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    Jun 22, 2016
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    I'm looking for a video converter that I can easily convert a bunch of tv shows each week into wii format. VLC Isn't cutting it, there's too many things to click, but vlc has great encoding speed.

    Also I'm using VLC's Android High template. What is the most wii cpu friendly format for the wii? Sometimes the wii chokes or the audio will mess up on even 640x480, if the codec is h264.

    Something like mp3drop by layer3maniac - choose a format/codec, output folder and renaming scheme in advance, select files and then let it run for an hour.

    No, I don't have 25$ for a chromecast and 60$ for a used flat screen, I want it to work on my tv!
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    Handbrake :)
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