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    So long story short, I have a physical copy of Shovel Knight, and a digital copy I wanna move my save game to. However the digital version is Treasure Trove, while my physical copy is just Shovel Knight. I tried the nintendo save transferrer thing, and it didnt work as the progran didnt recognize Treasure Trove. Is there anyway to transfer the save via JSKM save manager or in another way? I didnt try yet so i didnt accidently do something or corrupt the save file.
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    Treasure Trove is treated as a different game from the regular shovel knight.

    It is that Treasure Trove's save data holds more/different info than the regular shovel knight's save data. You will corrupt the shovel knight save data if you try transferring Treasure Trove's save data over even if you get the JSKM to work for you.
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    Why don't you update the cart version?
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    If you send me your sav file I'll see what I can do.