Shoutout to all Pokemon Fans!

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    Mar 13, 2010
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    I want to personally invite everyone to the #pokemon irc on GBAtemp's servers. We are not like Serebii's ircs where your more likely to see hurtful comments over friendly faces...what you will see are competitive folks that like to battle fairly...and nice people that want to help make your pokemon adventure much better

    Want to test your team out in a battle? We love new challengers

    Want that Arceus event that unlocks the Sinjoh Ruins event legitimately? We are willing to help

    ....and much much more!

    Come join us in the new channel (was #hgss) and help us make it one of the most popular irc channels on gbatemp and the best channel for pokemon on the net!

    Zidane24-#pokemon OP

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    Thanks to Prowler485 for reccomending this but...

    To everyone that doesn't know how to get on irc...use this link to get you started
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    Mar 13, 2010
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    I know theres got to be more of you out there that were all over the #hgss channel frantically trying to get the AP to work, well now we have a place to actually enjoy the game together, stop by guys.
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    Jan 31, 2010
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    Is this where you get the Ap patch for pokemon SS and HG?
    JuUust kidding about the Ap thing [​IMG]

    Almost done playing Soul silver now, got all the badges just playing with some of the extra's like gather lots of PPups pokelthon,
    and other events.
    Thinking of EV training my current team for battle Frontier. not sure if I should though
    Haven't used a single cheat while playing can't say the same for the next time I play though [​IMG]
    Current pokemon levels are around lvl 57

    Current team