[Shitty speculation] What are the odds for an Android port once the Switch is hacked?

Discussion in 'Switch - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by nmkd, Dec 6, 2016.

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    OFF TOPIC? : Okay, ANDROID is open source. Google's API, Google Apps, as well as everything that isn't literally barebones Android is NOT OPEN SOURCE. Google collects a shit ton of data on you just by using their apps and apps that use their API (including apps on the playstore). Whether that matters to you is your own problem though. The whole "Android is open source" is mostly BS, since if you bought a phone and didn't *personally* flash literal vanilla android you just compiled yourself off of some Github repo, it's probably packed with stalking features.

    ON TOPIC : It's possible I guess, but what do you mean? Running Android ON TOP of the OS, or wiping the OS itself and replacing it with Android? Both sound awful in my opinion.
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    Android and Google services are one and the same. While you can have one without the other, you can only make enough sales if you have both.
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    Google's history & NSA's history and almost every single tech company & government on earth (certainly those making popular operating systems today) suggests we are nothing but a piece of meat to be exploited to the full extent. We have seen that for decades.

    You can wait for your proof but I have seen enough proof just using anything any common man is allowed to buy & use. I'm amazed at the open-source line being used constantly, as if it means we are 'free' or something. Google is building on the work of many open-source projects to make their OS cheaper (not free, but cheaper) to make (no point re-inventing the wheel here). And their whole business model (very targeted advertising & State-Sponsored Surveillance) depends on being invasive. The collaborations that State Surveillance outfits have with tech companies worldwide is also the stuff of legend. We pay for it all. In more ways than one.
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