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Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Prior22, Mar 30, 2015.

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    Sega has done an excellent job of releasing compilations of Genesis games. They've also re-released a few DC games in HD. Any idea why there's been a total lack of Saturn re-releases?

    I know Saturn is looked at negatively by some because of it's lack of commercial success. But with Saturn emulators being so difficult to develop I would think a compilation disk would do quite well.
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    The emulation thing is probably a major stumbling block.

    Wikipedia I know but looking at I would probably say the Saturn got better third party support than the N64 (not an especially hard feat), and even Sega published a bunch of stuff they no longer have the rights to (few people want old sports games but several of those would not be able to be published and various film licenses will probably also pose trouble).
    On the third party front a fair few of the shmups have actually been remade/ported/emulated on other systems. Equally several of the fighting games have or came from the arcade so I would probably sooner look at those.

    Equally do a search for "saturn lost source code", I know emulation does not necessarily need it but it helps.

    I shall also have to look at the licenses for various emulators, Sega has shown a lot of willingness to pull from the emulator author and hacker communities in the past but it could all be a mess like MAME and some other emulators. I know Saturn hacking is not the most practised either.
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