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    So I'm not good at making and using scripts and most begginers will start to create games with scratch, because the scripting system is really easy to use, you drag puzzle pieces and connect them with eachother (like this: [​IMG] ) to make scripts that will effect your game, story or whatver you make in scratch.
    If we could make, or just convert these easy to use commands (use the puzzle pieces) into the scripts we use for making .nds games and change the output file from .sb (scratch file) to .nds (DS game file, duhh!) then we could easily create homebrew.
    This requires changing everything and making a scripting tool thats easy ton use for the nds touch screen
    This could be a new project!
  2. Discover

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    Mar 10, 2010
    Theoretically, given that Scratch is open-source, we may be able to interrogate their system into some sort of DS game invention software/ tool.
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    Nov 16, 2008
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    This reminds me like NI LABView. I do not think NI LABView is open source, but people have been creating libraries for it (wiimote library is there and Roomba I believe).

    As 'Discover' said, if that is open source then this could be done; too bad I am busy doing some fuzzy logic controllers.

    This is a good idea to get more people into landing their ideas, perhaps later advanced users (programmers doing libnds, etc.) could be helping to improve the games co-working with the new guys.

    I just hope, if this gets created, does not become like PAlib happened.
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