Save corruption in Pokemon Diamond. Help vets!

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    May 8, 2007
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    Hi I'm new to the forums. Recently, I bought a flash card for my DS lite called ' DS Linker.'

    I'm quite confused by this, it supports 3 kinds of saves, Flash 2mbit, EEPORM 4kbit and EEPROM 64/512 kbit. However, I found out Pokemon Diamond/ Pearl uses a save called Flash 4mbit.

    When I boot up my DS Linker, the ROM usually has the correct save type it needs as the default, but for Pokemon, it is listed as unknown. Thinking it was nothing, I changed the save type to Flash 2mbit. Now, after 5 hours in, I got the message ' the save file is erased due to damage or corruption.' What went wrong? And what can I do to fix it?

    Also some additional questions for those that can help. What do the different save files mean and if I change the save type from the default one the game needs, will it make a difference?

    And for those with experience with DS Linker, the card has 6 backup save slots but I don't know how it works. If the saves are already in .sav format, whats the use of having those 6 backup save slots? I am so clueless that it comes to a point I just choose the first slot when I start any game now, from not knowing what to do. Is this safe? Can someone explain clearly how those back up saves work? Thanks!