Run nsp on lower firmware?

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    If I have an nsp which has masterkey 5 and needs fw 6.2, is there a way to run it on a machine with fw 5.1 without updating? Similarly, nsp using masterkey 6?

    Can it still be converted to use a lower firmware or is that not possible now? If so, which software does it? Had a look at nscb but it was giving errors.

    Also, is there a way of running xci on lower firmware on sx os?
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    Sep 18, 2014
    If the game needs 6.2 but only needs the masterkeys of 5 then you can try to install it with goldleaf and ignore the firmware requirements during the installation.

    But in the end the most simple way is to update the firmware with ChoiDujourNX and install AutoRCM.

    EDIT: I read your post wrong. I thought you meant master key of firmware 5.0.0. If the master key requires 6.2.0 than you can't play it on lower than 6.2.0.
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  3. Hugopugo

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    Oct 31, 2018
    Nope, for instance, when smash came out you needed 6.0 keys... and the install ignoring fw did not work on fw less than 6.

    What you can do is open up the .nsp or .xci and insert the 6 keys yourself and then you could install it on less than 6. Dont know how to do it but that worked with smash when it came out
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    I'm pretty sure master_key_05 requires 6.0.0 at minimum (when ignoring fw reqs).
    There won't be a way to play/install it on a lower system version than that.
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    With NSC_Builder, you can change the keygeneration to lower FW, that means it removes higher FW masterkeys from NSP/XCI and adds older ones, so you'll be able to play 6.X or even 7.X games/updates/dlc on older firmwares. I'm on 5.1 too and played a lot of new games with no problem