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Nov 13, 2010
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Hello. 1st post.

Well, I've been trying to get rock band 3 to work correctly for a week or two now and i'm still running into some issues. I hope someone can please help.

I'm running RB3 via WiiFlow(latest ver), on HDD, using cios 249 rev20 base 56 and i have the following issues.

1. After playing a song (DLC, saved to SDHC) the game sort-of freezes. Sort-of meaning that the after scores are shown, the background animation of my band is running, as well as crowd sound effects, but the game does not move on. The only choice i have is to power cycle.

2. After installing the hacked wads marking all DLC as purchased, i can no longer access the wii's data management screen. It totally freezes, with a buzz, when i try to access the wii save data. This can be resolved by removing the hacked wads, but for obvious reasons, this really isn't a solution as i can no longer download or used downloaded DLC.

Note that both SDHC and USB Mic does work for me using this cios configuration with no issues, lag, or memory problems, as i've read others have had. Also note that i am not using any music download managers on PC. I've simply been downloading from within the game.

Some history...

I was originally running via wiiflow using Hermes 222. The game ran fine, i could even download DLC, but had the problem of DLC songs not being removed from the system memory after being played as intended, totally sapping the system of its memory after a few songs. This actually semi-bricked me at one point, due to the fact that i "over-filled" my system memory, causing the wii to prompt me to delete items upon boot. This however, sent me directly into problem #2 mentioned above, preventing me from actually freeing up space. Thankfully, i got bootmii running properly (i know, i'm slow) and it saved my ass. Bootmii allowed me to access the homebrew channel before the system boot to delete the hacked wad files that cause issue #2. Hwhew.

After that, i researched a bit, and saw that people were having some success with cios 249 rev20 base 56, as stated above. Which brings me to now.

I usually hate being the one to post as i always do my due diligence trying to find solutions already posted, but I've had a very difficult time finding these particular issues. So please, if you have the game working, with dlc, running from HDD, using SDHC, please let me know how you accomplished it.


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