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Ripple Riddler 3 coins warning+Elon musk+XRP Q4


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Dec 15, 2014
United States
Not financial advice but i'm already up 2k on Dexi + The screenshots are out of order by dates, he warned the community weeks before Elon starting shilling and Dexi started blowing up

If you missed getting thousands in profit from Mr pool XDC warning months ago well don't fret; Ripple Riddler who also A freemason of course gave us A few hint's weeks ago and 1 of the coins is already up 200-300%. Moon rabbit, Dexi protocol , WTK, and UFO gaming seem promising. Before Elon musk gave the hint Ripple riddler already told us and fun fact is Elon musk is A puppet for the freemasons which has already been confirmed when he copied Mr Pool post+ but I will get deeper into that later in the year. Guys these coins have to only hit 0.001 and you'll be good. At this time UFO gaming is the cheapest and the price is going up so try to catch as much as you can






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