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    The World Ends With You: Secret Report FAQ by SilverRawnblade
    Version 0.96, Last Updated 2008-05-12 View/Download Original File
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    The World Ends With You

    Secret Report FAQ

    Written by: Jonathan Run a.k.a SilverRawnblade
    Version: 0.96
    E-mail: [email protected]


    Welcome to my little guide on the Secret Reports of the game The
    World Ends with You for the DS. If you haven't already cleared the game
    at least once, the information inside this FAQ will most likely ruin the
    story for you, so if you don't want things spoiled, beware! If you believe
    you have something to contribute, please send me a mail and I'll take a
    look at it. Hope you enjoy this <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />


    05/12/08 - Small corrections, man I made a lot of typos >_<

    05/10/08 - Typo corrections

    05/07/08 - Small corrections, including a clarification of SRS4's box

    04/29/08 - Corrected some errors and added some boss noise symbol
    locations generously provided by other people. Also, GTAIV!

    04/25/08 - Changed some formatting, added some new sections, finished off
    Another Day

    04/24/08 - Finished off Secret Reports for Joshua and Beat, Another Day
    in progress.

    04/23/08 - Started up the guide, added Secret Reports for Shiki.


    Before you delve into the juicy depths of the reports, here's some info.

    *Just what exactly ARE the Secret Reports?
    The Secret Reports are documents written by a certain Mr. H about
    the background story that you don't actually get to see in the
    main portion of the game. They go pretty in depth, and explain a
    lot, so are therefore worth reading/achieving.

    *How do I access the Secret Reports?
    To even see the Secret Reports, you must clear the main game at
    least once. Then a new button, labeled "Chapters" will appear in
    your menu after you start up your game after the credits.

    *What are these star things? And how come I only have a few?
    Secret Reports are unlocked via completing the objectives set for
    you by each star. Each secret report can have one, three, or four
    stars that you must complete before you can read the Secret

    *I completed all the stars, but where do I find the Secret Report?
    The Report itself is actually to the right of the stars. It is a
    blue paper with a bent right-bottom corner that you can select,
    opening up the Report for you to read.

    *Do I have to complete the Secret Reports in order?
    For the most part, yes. You will see that many of the Secret
    Reports require a Secret Report from a previous Day, or even
    a previous week.

    *Do I get anything for unlocking all of the Secret Reports?
    You mean besides the feeling of completion?
    Yes! Although it is very small, if you beat the Beat Day 7 and
    watch the ending sequence once more, there's one more cutscene
    that will show, but I won't spoil it for you. It's at the very
    end, right before Neku throws off his 'phones, so be patient.
    It's a very, very short scene however.

    *Help! I can't find X or Y!
    Well, look below then; don't be so lazy.

    *What are Pig Noise symbols and/or boss symbols?
    If you don't know what a Pig Noise symbol looks like by this time
    heaven help you. Pig Noise symbols are greenish noise symbols
    that are supposed to look like a pigs face (although I don't
    really see it.) They tend to float around in non-obvious places
    so you may have to scan multiple times to find them.
    Pig Noise battles usually require some specific
    pin, or method of defeating them.
    |NOTE: Pigs drop the same loot no matter what difficulty you |
    | choose. |
    The boss symbols are unique looking symbols that are blue and
    cause you to fight one of the bosses you have fought before.
    |NOTE: If you do a chain reduction battle involving the boss |
    | symbol, you will NOT complete the star! Also, it has to be |
    | the SYMBOL you kill, not the actual boss from the |
    | storyline. |

    And in case you did not read my welcome warning:

    ____ ___ ____ ____ ____ _____
    | | || | | | | | | |
    |____ |___|| | | | |____ |____| |_____
    | | | | | | | |\ |
    | | | | | | | | \ |
    ____| | |____| | |____ |____ | \ _____|


    To find a secret report you want, search the FAQ for the code (Typically
    Ctrl + F)

    Week 1 - Shiki Misaki
    Secret Report 1 - Day 1 - SRS1
    Secret Report 2 - Day 2 - SRS2
    Secret Report 3 - Day 3 - SRS3
    Secret Report 4 - Day 4 - SRS4
    Secret Report 5 - Day 5 - SRS5
    Secret Report 6 - Day 6 - SRS6
    Secret Report 7 - Day 7 - SRS7

    Week 2 - Joshua
    Secret Report 8 - Day 1 - SRJ8
    Secret Report 9 - Day 2 - SRJ9
    Secret Report 10 - Day 3 - SRJ10
    Secret Report 11 - Day 4 - SRJ11
    Secret Report 12 - Day 5 - SRJ12
    Secret Report 13 - Day 6 - SRJ13
    Secret Report 14 - Day 7 - SRJ14

    Week 3 - Beat (Daisukenojo Bito)
    Secret Report 15 - Day 1 - SRB15
    Secret Report 16 - Day 2 - SRB16
    Secret Report 17 - Day 3 - SRB17
    Secret Report 18 - Day 4 - SRB18
    Secret Report 19 - Day 5 - SRB19
    Secret Report 20 - Day 6 - SRB20
    Secret Report 22 - Day 7 - SRB22

    Week ? - Another Day
    Secret Report 21 - SRAD21

    Week 1 - Shiki Misaki

    Secret Report 1 - Reaper's Game - SRS1|

    Neku comes to at the scramble crossing in
    Shibuya, a pin with a skull clutched in his hand...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Get the nose glasses. (Meet up with the secret)
    Easily accomplished, just talk to the statue of Hashiko (the dog)

    Report Contents---------

    As is common knowledge, all Games in the UG take
    place under Our supervision. However, this particular
    Game is saddled with a nigh-unbelievable set of
    extenuating circumstances, catching the attention
    of the Higher Plane. Thus, I shall be taking a
    more hands-on role this time, as detailed in this report.

    The core differences in this game are as follows:
    1: its role in plans for Shibuya's destruction,
    2: the Composer's absence from the UG,
    3: the resulting limitations to his powers, and
    4: the Game being played by a proxy.

    The Composer has informed me of two major points:
    that he plans to destroy the UG, but also that his
    final decision will hinge on the outcome of his Game
    with the Conductor.

    A provisional rule for this Game requires the
    Composer to vacate the Underground
    It is unprecedented for the Composer to be absent
    during a Game. I cannot predict what effect it may

    Furthermore, the Composer must lower the
    frequency of his vibe to travel from the UG to the
    RG, inevitably curtailing his abilities.

    This makes investigating the Conductor and his
    strategy incredibly difficult, as the Composer is still
    the only one who knows who and what I am.
    It means lingering in the UG to author reports carries
    a lethal risk.

    The greatest Randomizer in the current Game is the
    use of a handpicked proxy to compete against the
    Conductor in the Composer's stead. No information
    on this person exists at the present.

    While the situation seems dire, I believe the key to
    getting ahead of all of this is at hand.

    You see, time always builds upon the past.
    I have already located our key. It is a pin request
    from the Conductor.

    Normally, the psych manifestation of pins are
    determined by one's Imagination. Thus, by analyzing
    the pin, the user's Imagination-or rather, their
    true intentions-are revealed.

    Unfortunately, this order came through the
    Composer, and never came into contact with the
    Conductor. Thus, I could not use it to determine the
    nature of his Imagination.

    I, too, have lowered my vibe to tune into the UG,
    limiting my abilities.

    However, at this stage, realizing that this pin holds
    the key is sufficient. The possibility of forestalling
    the plans for the UG's destruction remains.

    Secret Report 2 - Don't Kill Me - SRS2|

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Collect the report for Shiki, Day 1.

    Star 2: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise Symbols.

    Star 3: Get the sailor suit
    After clearing the "curse" from the moyai statue, talk to the man
    standing in front of it again to get the suit.

    Report Contents---------

    As the Game was set to end, I felt an intense burst
    of Soul. And at its source, I found the Composer's
    handpicked proxy-one Neku Sakuraba.

    Let it be noted that once danger was past, the Soul
    he expelled rapidly tapered off.

    I shall define Soul as it exists in the UG later.
    For now, let it suffice to say it is the energy he
    bears within him.
    His unstable Soul is the result of a rift between his
    body and emotional mind.

    This discord can be traced to a few causes:
    1: his dense and all-inclusive Soul composition,
    2: emotional confusion inhibiting the unity of his
    emotional self and physical body, and
    3: the exacerbation of that confusion by memory
    loss, due to his entry fee.

    However, anyone possessing such diverse Soul can
    become a formidable wielder of Imagination.
    The Composer was right to choose this boy.
    Shibuya's fate may rest on how well he manages to
    stabilize his Soul.

    To measure his stability. I gave him a Harmonizer Pin.
    It can only be used when he cooperates with his

    Synchronizing with another hinges on his ability to
    first stabilize his own Soul; thus successful use of
    the pin would indicate he has made progress on that
    The further he is able to push his and his partner's
    psych resonance through Fusion, the greater his
    own internal stability will have become.

    The progress of his Soul merits close observation

    Secret Report 3 - Who 2 Trust - SRS3|
    Neku and Shiki meet Hanekoma, a guardian,
    and learn of their dire predicament...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Collect the report for Shiki, Day 2.

    Star 2: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise Symbols.

    Star 3: Yukata (The forgotten ramen)
    After learning how to imprint, visit the ramen shop to pick up
    the word ramen, and then go imprint it on the tech's mind. After
    that, follow him to the ramen shop where you will get the Yukata.

    Star 4: Eliminate the Boss symbol No. 88 within this chapter at hard or
    Concert Stage in A-East; at the bottom-left corner of the area.

    Report Contents---------

    Allow me to redefine the Composer's role. As I
    Continue to observe the Game's progress, I have a
    clear view of the of the enormous effect of the
    Composer's absence. A clear definition of his duties
    are key to understanding the extent of this disruption.

    The Composer holds absolute authority over the
    Underground. By "authority" I mean the right to
    determine rules. He is the only one who can change
    the composition of the UG, and sole creator of this
    The Underground Shibuya is created and organized by
    the Composer's rules, which pit Players against
    Reapers in a struggle for survival.

    A new Composer only arises when the previous one is
    defeated; the victor takes the victim's place.
    At this juncture, the new Composer rewrites the
    rules of UG Shibuya.
    However, there being no Composer at all is a
    different situation. It means that the rules that make up
    the UG are invalid.

    In other words, without a Composer, the
    Underground collapses.

    However, the Composer's absence is still a secret.
    At present, only three people know: the Composer
    himself; his opponent, the Conductor; and the
    The Producer's role is that of Guardian over the
    Game. For observation purposes, he must sometimes
    descend from the Higher Plane to the Underworld.
    While the Producer is natively an entity from the
    Higher Plane, he can adjust the frequency of his
    vibe to visit the UG and lower planes.

    Think of a radio. Going from station A to station UG
    simply requires tuning in to a different frequency.

    The Producer has the power to contact any and all
    beings in the Underground.

    However, he is strictly prohibited from revealing his
    identity in the UG.

    His existence endangers the stability of the rules
    and balance of the UG and RG. Thus, the Producer's
    identity must stay a secret from Reapers and
    Players-not to mention those in the RG.

    He may freely contact only one person as the
    Producer, and that is the Composer.

    Secret Report 4 - Erased - SRS4|
    To survive the Game, Neku and Shiki decide
    to team up with Beat and Rhyme...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise Symbols.

    Star 2: Get the Mrs. Claus outfit.("I said, I want to go shopping!")
    After talking to Beat and Rhyme, try to leave for the Scramble
    and Shiki will yell at you cause she wants to shop.

    Star 3: Eliminate the Boss symbol No. 87 within this chapter at hard or
    Scramble Crossing; off-centre towards the bottom of the area

    Star 4: Eliminate the Boss symbol No. 80 within this chapter at hard or
    104 Building; above/a bit off-centre to the left of the area

    Report Contents---------

    The UG exists as a separate plane where the
    Composer can judge the worth of men.

    Within it are Reapers and human Players. It is
    infeasible for the Composer to judge all of humanity
    by himself, so a filtering system utilizing the
    Reapers was created: the Reapers' Game.
    Reapers act as a test, weeding out unfit Players.

    Upon becoming a Reaper, one's physical body
    changes, gaining incredible strength and an extended
    As Reaper and Player alike progress through the
    Game, engaging in Imagination-driven combat, their
    Soul is refined.

    Soul is an abstract matter revealed through Our
    research into life and death, and a component in the
    makeup of the atmosphere, humans, will, thought-
    all phenomena.

    As Reapers execute the Game, they undergo a
    process of evolution, from grunts to officers to4
    the Composer.

    However, Reapers that follow the ideal route are
    rare, and most are erased by Players.

    Reaper or player, those erased within the Game
    disperse the mind and spirit housed within their flesh
    in the form of Soul. Thus, they are erased only from
    visible existence: their Soul persists in the UG until
    gathered and tied together according to a new code.

    This new code is, essentially, Imagination.
    Given sufficient Imagination, any form is possible, be
    it a pin or a Reaper.

    Variations in this code cause the Soul to manifest in
    different forms.

    In other words, humans, Reapers, and Noise are all
    entities of formed of Soul. The only difference is their

    And what are Noise? Entities without conscious will,
    only the drive to multiply. Thus, they constantly
    thirst for Soul, attacking Players and possessing
    humans in the Realground.

    Soul consumed by Noise is destroyed, even if the
    Noise is erased.

    Thus, possessed by humans often exhibit a rush of
    euphoria immediately after the Noise is removed.

    Though untested, the same would likely hold were a
    Player or Reaper possessed.

    Secret Report 5 - Empty Urban Legends - SRS5|
    Rhyme is caught in the Reapers' Trap and
    erased, leaving Neku and Shiki alone again...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Collect the report for Shiki, Day 4.

    Star 2: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise symbols.

    Star 3: Get Mr. Ducky.(White! White! White!)
    As the hint may tell you, when playing Reaper Creeper with the
    two girls, pick white three times, and it will be given to you.

    Star 4: Eliminate the Boss symbol No. 90 within this chapter at hard or
    Molco; at the bottom-left corner of the area

    Report Contents---------

    The Realground and Underground are planes of
    existence. Other planes exist as well: the one
    inhabited solely by Noise, for example, or Our
    customary plane.

    The planes are stacked in parallel, through each
    exists at a different frequency vibe, in tune with
    its inhabitants.

    Observing a lower plane from a higher plane is simple.
    Actual trans-planar contact, while possible, is highly
    complex. The vibes of adjacent planes are closer,
    making passage between them comparatively easier.
    More distant planes show greater differences in vibe
    frequencies, and thus communion becomes more

    The UG exists just above the RG, allowing those in
    the UG to observe the RG, but not vice versa.

    Noise exist on a special plane that straddles both
    the RG and UG, enabling their interference in the
    affairs of both. When Players come into contact
    with Noise, they are drawn into the Noise plane.
    In other words, Players are forcibly tuned in to the
    Noise plane.

    Conversely, there exists an even higher plane than
    the RG and UG. That is where I am from, the plane of
    the Angels.

    As in the RG and UG, Angels have created a web of
    social schema to guide their activities. Their role of
    Producer is just one cog in the Angel machine.
    Angel vibes are extremely high-frequency; not even
    the Composer can catch them all. In actuality, he can
    pick up only that of the Producer.

    As you can see, inter-planar contact is beset by
    difficulty, but certain modes do exist for its

    One is the modulator decal. Within its area of
    effect, Players from the UG can manifest visibly in
    the RG and communicate with others there.

    Reapers and the Composer can down-tune their vibes
    at will. near these decals, however, even their vibes
    will be forcibly adjusted to the lower frequency.

    Another mode, imprinting, requires no physical
    manifestation in the RG.

    Imprintees experience the conferred thoughts as
    bursts of inspiration. The reliability of these
    communiqué thus depends on upon the person
    receiving it.
    For example, successful communications with
    preoccupied people is unlikely. Furthermore, recipient
    interpretation of said "inspiration" colors the
    message, making imprinting unreliable at best.

    "Reaper creeper" was created as a mode of popular
    communication between the planes.
    Modulation paralogos printed on paper allow for
    limited UG interaction with Realground objects.
    As those in the RG are unaware of players, they
    perceive the illusion of a coin moving by itself.

    Secret Report 6 - Superiority/Inferiority - SRS6|
    Game Master Higashizawa confronts Neku and Shiki,
    whereupon Neku learns of his own death...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Collect the report for Shiki, Day 5.

    Star 2: Collect the report for Shiki, Day 3.

    Star 3: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise Symbols.

    Star 4: Get the Solid Slammer. ("Totally gnarly!")
    Use the phrase "Totally gnarly!" when trying to convince the
    tin pin slammer boy, and he'll hand you the Solid Slammer.

    Report Contents---------

    I receive periodic communication from the Composer.
    While we maintain contact, I am prohibited from
    providing him with information for risk of unbalancing
    the Game.

    I am permitted only to respond to his commissions
    for certain items, and even then am able only to
    create and deliver said items.

    The Composer has requested increased phone
    functionality for use in the next game.
    Today, the proxy's partner, one Shiki Misaki, freed
    herself from her defining value-envy. With this, the
    Composer is convinced of the proxy's victory on the
    seventh day.

    His confidence arises because the proxy's
    intervention was indispensible in causing his
    partner's growth. It signals the proxy's departure
    from his obsessive self-actualization loop.
    Previously, even the Composer was unsure of his
    proxy's capacity for growth.
    Normally, the Composer possesses a certain degree
    of clairvoyant foresight. his current down-tuned
    state, however, limits his abilities, clouding this
    supertemporal vision.

    Though able to observe the UG from the Realground,
    he is otherwise saddled with limitations.

    For one, his outward appearance. He looks younger
    than he would at full vibe frequency within the UG.
    Fortunately this prevents the Reapers from
    recognizing him as the Composer.

    To begin with, the Composer contacts Reapers only
    through the Conductor, so most are unaware of
    what he looks like. Additionally, as the being in the
    Underground with the highest vibe, some lesser
    Reapers are incapable of perceiving him.

    The effects of down-tuning occur because the
    Composer's vibe and the RG's frequency are
    substantially different.
    For Reapers, the down-tuning necessary to exist in
    the RG is significantly less, and thus effects less
    prominent changes. That said, it depends on the
    Reaper. At any rate, the effect is minimal, making
    Reapers much more frequent visitors to the

    Provided they complete their duties, Reapers may do
    as they wish in the RG within certain accepted

    Secret Report 7 - Wakeless Dream - SRS7|
    The Game's final day. Neku and Shiki head for the
    freeway to face Higashizawa. As for Beat...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Collect the report for Shiki, Day 6.

    Star 2: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise Symbols.
    Symbol on Towa Records Logo

    Star 3: Get the Mr. Mew suit. (The p-- b-- of love.)
    Phone booth of love, 'nuff said.

    Star 4: Eliminate the Boss symbol No. 91 within this chapter at hard or
    Station Underpass; at the Right-hand side of the area

    Report Contents---------

    As the Composer predicted, the proxy has won the

    So, what happens to those who survive the week?
    Those whose Imagination is less than outstanding are
    broken down into Soul, while those with excellent
    Imagination become Reapers. The most talented of
    these may travel to the next plane, inhabited by Us

    Diligent Reapers, too, may pass through the office
    of Composer to ascend to the plane of Angels.

    Now, what if...

    This may sound odd, but one may also choose to be
    reincarnated. Well, the word "reincarnation is not
    quite accurate, for the humans of the UG are not
    truly dead. They merely possess different Soul code,
    and have been turned in to a different plane.

    We Angels do not consider it a loss if a talented
    Player elects to return to the Realground, as their
    superior Imagination will inspire other humans.

    Upon returning to life, the exceptional Players'
    creative activities soon make their mark upon
    society. His art, music, and other output become a
    part of culture, spreading and persisting through
    time, refining peoples' Imagination even without
    personal contact with the Player.

    Certainly this requires time, but no one has ever
    accused Angels of being in a hurry. The Composer's
    absence during this particular Game, however, means
    that reincarnation is not an option.

    Only the Composer possesses the level of Imagination
    necessary to reincarnate. It is beyond the
    Conductor's means.

    The conductor continues to act as if the Composer
    were present, but this farce can only continue for
    so long. I will be watching with great curiosity to see
    how the Conductor responds once his ruse unravels.

    As I was busy writing reports, the boy in my
    custody, Beat, went missing.

    Beat had expressed a curiosity in how Noise was
    created. Perhaps he plans to ask a Reaper. But even
    without specific instruction from them, he has the
    ability now.

    I gave him a pin filled with the special Imagination
    required to create Noise, and imprinted him with
    instructions for its use.

    This does not qualify as interference in the Game.

    The information I gave him will have no impact on the
    Game's Results.

    It was merely a token of my esteem for his
    unflinching passion towards what he holds dear.
    Whether he uses this power, and how, is completely
    up to him.

    Week 2 - Joshua

    Secret Report 8 - Rulez - SRJ8|

    Neku, forced to replay the Game, scrambles to
    find another partner and a fighting chance...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Get the potted plant. (Meet up with the secret)
    Easily accomplished, just talk to the statue of Hashiko (the dog)

    Report Contents---------

    As predicted by the Composer, the proxy has entered
    the Game a second time.

    The proxy has proven his aptitude, and will be joined
    in the next Game by the Composer himself as his new

    There are three reasons behind the Composer's
    choice of actions:
    1: to ascertain the Conductor's strategy,
    2: to educate his proxy, and
    3: to protect him.
    With his return to the UG, the limits on the
    Composer's abilities will be relaxed.

    However, using his abilities could reveal his identity.
    As such, he will need to continue to limit himself for
    a while longer. This presents a certain set of risks.

    The greatest risk, however, lies with the Composer
    joining the proxy for this game.
    The Composer's presence, his tremendously high vibe
    will place a great deal of physical and psychological
    strain on the proxy.

    Furthermore, the proxy's victory in the previous
    Game has won him back his memory. the self-
    actualization loop binding the proxy is thus stronger
    than ever-more deeply ensconced even than the
    envy cleared from Shiki in the previous Game.
    There is a possibility of the proxy's Soul
    destabilizing, negating its progress during the
    previous Game. Slight problems also persist with the
    proxy's personality.

    How long will the proxy be able to bear being side by
    side with the Composer?

    Secret Report 9 - Reapers - SRJ9|

    Neku teams up with a new partner, Joshua,
    but his feelings of mistrust only snowball...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Collect the report for Joshua, Day 1.

    Star 2: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise Symbols.
    Molco, near the Phone booth of love, requires Pyroknesis pin
    Tipsy Tose Hall, topmost left corner, requires Sexy D pin
    Above the Hotdog in Spain Hill, requires you to kill them in order
    Note: You actually have to kill them in order, you can't
    use a sync attack to kill them all at once.

    Star 3: Get the Supermask's mask. ("I cracked the code")
    Head into the Mexican Hotdog, and receive it after watching the
    two NPC's talk.

    Star 4: Eliminate the Boss symbol No. 86 within this chapter at hard or
    Tispy Tose Hall, near the left side of the scene

    Report Contents---------

    Today, an alert was handed down: the discovery of a
    Fallen Angel.

    A Fallen Angel is one who has broken the Angel's
    code-a criminal. Their crime: revealing the secrets
    of Taboo Noise refinery to the Game master,

    Minamimoto knows the Composer's RG identity
    (secret even to the Conductor), and has chased him
    to the Realground. The Fallen Angel may also have
    supplied him with this information.

    Minamimoto lusts to take the Composer's place, and
    his potential to do so comes second only to that of
    the Conductor. Despite being a complete outsider in
    the wager between Composer and Conductor, he
    stands to hinder the Composer greatly. It is entirely
    possible Minamimoto may rise to the office of
    Conductor before this wager has been decided.

    All eyes from the Higher Plane are on this Game for
    the future of Shibuya. Should its results be
    invalidated by outside interference, the Angels'
    disappointment would be vast.


    What is the Fallen Angel's goal? Dominion over the
    underground? Retribution against the Angels?

    Whatever the case, we must carefully monitor
    Minamimoto's actions and stay vigilant against this
    Fallen Angel.

    Secret Report 10 - Roamin' the Streets - SRJ10|

    Despite Neku's misgivings, he and Joshua head
    for Cat Street to complete their "mission"...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report

    Star 1: Collect the report for Joshua, Day 2.

    Star 2: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise Symbols.

    Star 3: Get the pirate hat. (Spicy tuna roll)
    After getting to the point where you start to collect memes, go
    to the Concert Stage to get the Spicy tuna roll meme from the
    tech, then examine the spot where he was just standing.

    Star 4: Eliminate the Boss symbol No. 44 within this chapter at hard or
    Miyashita Park, floating right above the white sign on the middle

    Report Contents---------

    I was finally able to hand over the phone tracking
    application the Composer requested some time back.

    I informed the Composer it was ready three days
    ago, but they apparently had no time to come pick it
    up. It just shows how carefully the proxy is planning
    each move.

    The application detects the Conductor's Imagination.
    With it, one can walk around Shibuya and piece
    together the Conductor's strategy.
    At this point, even I cannot fathom the Conductor's
    plan. I will have to rely on the information gathered
    by the Composer.

    While I wait for his findings, I will work on the
    Composer's next order-a second revision to the
    phone's functionality.

    Today also marks my first contact with the proxy
    since he formed a pact with the Composer.
    He seems considerably wary of his partner at
    present time
    As expected, the psychological strain is severe.
    So severe, in fact, that most Players would be
    unable to continue. Right now, the only thing keeping
    the proxy in the Game is his entry fee.

    At least his dangerously strained state of mind is
    acting to heighten his Soul. I saw no sign of relapse
    or destabilization; rather, the return of his memory
    seems to have yielded only positives.
    I look forward to watching the proxy's continued

    Secret Report 11 - Pinned - SRJ11|

    With missions on hiatus, Neku agrees to go
    along with Joshua and investigate Udagawa...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report

    Star 1: Collect the report for Joshua, Day 3.

    Star 2: Collect the report for Shiki, Day 7.

    Star 3: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise Symbols.
    Molco, to the right of the store entrance

    Star 4: Get the samurai wig. (The secret reports' author)
    If you haven't figured it out yet, pop over and have a chat with
    Mr. H after you take pictures of the Phone booth of love

    Report Contents---------

    The Composer's reports indicate rough going in his

    I suspect the limits upon his abilities.
    Meanwhile, Minamimoto has not issued any missions.
    The Reaper elites must be alarmed as well.
    Perhaps this is more of the Fallen Angel's influence...

    As I've stated, Minamimoto is suspected of a liaison
    with a Fallen Angel.
    The Fallen Angel may have chosen Minamimoto for a
    few reasons.

    First, none desired of the Composer's office more.
    Minamimoto's obsession was great enough to compel
    him to pursue the Composer into the Realground.

    Unlike simple Reapers, however, the Composer's
    powers are not lost in the RG. I can just imagine the
    shock dawning on Minamimoto's face as I write this...

    Yes, the Composer must down-tune to the
    frequency of the Realground, limiting his powers.
    However, Minamimoto is in the same boat. As a
    result, the difference in their abilities remained
    unchanged. Thus, the assassination attempt failed.

    While Minamimoto's efforts were fruitless, they
    serve as ample proof of his convictions.

    The second reason the Fallen Angel may have
    targeted him is his lack of loyalty to the Reapers'
    organization and his preference for solo action.
    His distaste for cooperation meant little chance of
    him revealing the Fallen Angel's presence.

    The third reason is his consistently unconventional
    aesthetic. His bizarre actions regularly cause
    confusion among those around him. Even if the Fallen
    Angel were to urge him to do something out of the
    ordinary, that would be ordinary for him. No one
    would suspect a thing.
    This is why he is an ideal target for a Fallen Angel to
    work his agenda without raising suspicion. At least,
    it seems a logical conclusion

    The question now is, why has Minamimoto abandoned
    the Game, and what is he doing?

    I suspect that his only current objective is to take
    out the Composer. If so, he is likely preparing for
    the seventh day and his opportunity to confront
    the Players.
    Just what did the Fallen Angel tell Minamimoto?

    Perhaps no one will ever know.

    Secret Report 12 - Turf - SRJ12|

    Joshua persists in his search for the Shibuya River.
    Meanwhile, Neku pegs him as his own killer...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report

    Star 1: Collect the report for Joshua, Day 4.

    Star 2: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise Symbols.
    Symbol just above Jupiter of the Monkey store, have 10 seconds to
    defeat it.
    Symbol near Jupiter of the Monkey
    Symbol near West Exit Bus Terminal, can only be defeated with the
    Ichimonji Pin.

    Star 3: Get the biker gloves. (Lord of the Tin Pin losers)
    Lose to Tenho in Miyashita Park Underpass. Note that he still
    lets you pass.

    Star 4: Eliminate the boss symbols No. 82 and No. 84 within this chapter
    at Hard or above.
    Located at udagawa Backstreets

    Report Contents---------

    The proxy feels an affection for the art of the
    designer CAT-myself. As he was picked by the
    Composer, this is hardly a coincidence. It was an

    CAT's creative works are embedded with command
    codes. His art acts as a medium for mass imprinting.
    The imprinting Players use works only on an individual
    basis. However, through art, one can affect anyone
    who comes into contact with the work.

    I imbue my art with two command codes. The first is
    "Enjoy the moment more." This strengthens the
    Imagination. The proxy received this signal loud and
    clear, though past trauma precluded him from
    responding accordingly.
    The second code, "Gather," calls to those with
    strong Imaginations. Hence the inevitability: why
    wouldn't the Composer find his worthy proxy
    standing in front of my graffiti?

    A single reason exists for rigging my art in this way:
    the creation of the future requires Imagination.
    My art is widely accepted in Shibuya.

    This proves that those with Imaginations
    sufficient enough to create the future are gathering in the
    area. Shibuya's future is looking very bright.

    Secret Report 13 - Beast on the Prowl - SRJ13|

    The first mission mail to come in three days
    finds Neku enraged about the truth about Joshua...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report

    Star 1: Collect the report for Joshua, Day 5.

    Star 2: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise Symbols.
    Symbol at Shibu-Q Heads, right near the exit into Udagawa Back
    Streets. Requires Burning Cherry Pin
    Symbol at Center St. Entrance, near the exit towards AMX, above
    the red banner. Normal Pig.

    Star 3: Get the ninja garb (Just for you, jerkface)
    Run away all three times, and after you ditch the reaper pair,
    you are awarded with the ninja garb (you heartless jerk)

    Star 4: Eliminate the boss symbol No. 22 within this chapter at Hard
    or above.
    Right below the entrance into the AMX store

    Report Contents---------

    I have finished Revision Two of the phone tracking
    app, which allows it to detect the Shibuya River.
    The Composer aims to use this device to convey the
    river's location to the proxy.

    Before passing that knowledge along, the Composer
    needed to understand the Conductor's plan. As of
    yesterday, he felt confident in his hypothesis.
    The Composer had encountered Red Skull pins
    everywhere the detector had lead-the same pins I
    created at the Conductor's behest on the first day.
    As I suspected, they form a prime piece of his

    The Imagination he has filled those pins with is the
    same as that in the Player Pin: imprinting. They are
    set apart, however, by a single, major difference:
    The Red Skull pins are made to imprint targets with
    the Conductor's will.

    Anyone wearing the Red Skull pin is dominated by the
    Conductor's mind. The further the pins spread, the
    more people he controls. However, the Red Skull pins
    have penetrated less than half of Shibuya's
    Realground population in the last two weeks.

    At this rate, the Conductor's strategy will end in
    How does he intend to penetrate the rest of

    I will be monitoring his actions closely.

    Secret Report 14 - Clash of Desires - SRJ14|

    The final mission. Neku and Joshua make their
    way to Pork City to defeat Minamimoto...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report

    Star 1: Collect the report for Joshua, Day 6.

    Star 2: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise Symbols.
    Symbol near the Purple poster above the Concert stage entrance in
    A-east, you have 10 seconds to defeat it
    Symbol near the blue book banner in Shibukyu Main Store, the
    only way to kill it is to close your DS right at the beginning of
    the battle.

    Star 3: Get the boys' uniform with blazer. (Def Märch lives again!)
    Go into the concert hall, then try to leave again, and the box
    will appear before you.

    Star 4: Eliminate the boss symbol No. 92 within this chapter at Hard
    or above.
    Right above where you come in from the 104

    Report Contents---------
    The final day's mission came from the Conductor:
    eliminate Minamimoto.

    Unexpected as it was, tension ran high, but the
    Composer's quick thinking saved the day. In the end,
    all went according to his plan, and he successfully
    guided the proxy on to the next Game.

    His solution entailed first defeating Minamimoto,
    thereby ensuring the proxy's victory. Secondly, the
    Composer pretended to be erased by Minamimoto
    while shielding the proxy.

    To accomplish this, he fled to a parallel world just
    before Minamimoto's final attack connected.

    The proxy survived the Game alone, but was again
    unable to elect reincarnation, due to the Composer's
    illegal participation in the Game.

    For better or worse, the Game between the
    Composer and Conductor concludes in one week's

    The Conductor's strategy may end in failure, but we
    will see. I need to keep a close eye on his future

    All I can do is wait for the Composer to inform me of
    which parallel world he escaped to.

    Week 3 - Beat

    Secret Report 15 - Sensible, Senseless - SRB15|

    Neku enters one more Game: this time his last.
    He heads to Hachiko in search of a partner...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise symbols.
    Symbol in the Station Underpass on the left side

    Star 2: Get the girls' uniform with blazer. (Meet up with the secret)
    Talk to the statue of Hachiko once more

    Star 3: Eliminate the boss symbol No. 81 within this chapter at hard or
    Floats above the Moyai statue in West Exit Bus Terminal

    Star 4: Eliminate the boss symbol No. 83 within this chapter at hard or
    Floats above the Moyai statue in West Exit Bus Terminal

    Report Contents---------

    I've begun patrolling Shibuya in pursuit of the
    Conductor's strategy. While in Udagawa, I spotted
    Minamimoto's Taboo Noise refinery sigil.

    Several types of these sigils exist in various
    categories which We of the Higher Plane have
    classified. Not all of them, however, will work in the
    UG-its vibe frequency is simply too low for them to
    translate properly.
    The sigil Minamimoto drew was one of these
    undecodable types. Was that a mistake on the Fallen
    Angel's part? Or was it a transcription error by

    Either way, with that design, he stands little
    chance of reviving himself.

    However, Minamimoto is driven, and his Imagination
    strong. Perhaps strong enough to make a Taboo sigil
    work, even in the Underground... If so, the specific
    result would be impossible to predict.
    Anything that might interfere with the Composer and
    Conductor's wager must be avoided at any cost.
    I will personally neutralize Minamimoto's sigil.

    Angels may not interfere in the Reapers' Game, but
    this contest will decide Shibuya's future. The Higher
    Plane cannot idly stand by.

    Meanwhile, the Conductor has dealt a preemptive
    blow: the starting Player count in this final Game is

    I cannot be certain whether the Conductor knows
    that Neku Sakuraba is the proxy, but this severe
    restriction in the number of entrants ensures Player
    erasure. In this flagrant abuse of his privilege, he
    has eliminated the threat of the proxy.

    With the Composer in a parallel world, the proxy's
    position is perilous. Still, as Producer, I am bound by
    the rules. I can offer him no help..
    All I can do is guide him to Shibuya River.

    Call it luck or fate, even by himself the proxy has
    managed to form a pact. He's partnered to Beat,
    now a reaper, who is himself fixated on reaching the
    river. As such, guiding the proxy will require little
    work on my part.

    Still, I haven't uncovered the Conductor's strategy
    for this final week. I can't afford to relax quite yet.

    Secret Report 16 - Style - SRB16|

    Neku makes a pact with the Reaper Beat.
    Game master Konishi confronts the unlikely pair...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Collect the report for Beat, Day 1.

    Star 2: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise symbols.
    Symbol above the statue of Hachiko, 3 regular pigs
    Symbol floats above the ramen man poster in Dogenzaka,
    regular pig

    Star 3: Get the False teeth. ("Ain't sellin'")
    Just visit the Cosmic Corner store.

    Star 4: Eliminate the boss symbol No. 66 within this chapter at hard or
    At the very bottom of Scramble crossing. Warning: this boss can
    be very frustrating and difficult because he does chain stuns

    Report Contents---------

    The Conductor has used Beat's betrayal as an
    excuse to issue an Emergency Call.

    With it, the Composer's rules for the UG are
    essentially suspended. After weeks of concealing
    the Composer's absence, the Conductor finally has
    absolute authority.

    At the same time, he's made the Red Skull pins mandatory
    for all Reapers.
    Now most of Shibuya has a Red Skull Pin. The stage
    has now been set for the Conductor's counterattack.

    Furthermore, he's cordoned off each area of the UG
    with walls. I could leave the UG, elevate my vibe, and
    pass through them quite easily, but to what end?
    I am bound to the UG, and thus my hands are tied.
    I cannot reach the Composer, nor do I know which
    parallel world he's hiding.

    For now, all I can do is use my second sight to watch
    the Game's progress.

    Secret Report 17 - The Composer - SRB17|

    Beat searches for Konishi to get Rhyme back,
    but someone stands in his way...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Collect the report for Beat, Day 2.

    Star 2: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise symbols.
    Symbol near 104 Building's left exit. Red pig must be defeated
    within the 5 counter.
    Symbol near 104 Building's right exit. Nothing special

    Star 3: Get the black book bag. (Black!)
    Play Reaper Creeper with the two men, and pick black
    *NOTE*: You may want to replay this level up to this part, and choose |
    NOT to play the Reaper Creeper, and complete the level, which |
    will cause the 2nd Ramen shop to be open so you can complete |
    Day 6's star without having to come back again. |

    Star 4: Eliminate the boss symbol No. 89 within this chapter at hard or
    Symbol is on the top left corner of the concert stage

    Report Contents---------

    Rather than head to Shibuya River, the proxy
    has begun wandering the streets, apparently in
    pursuit of the Game Master.

    Konishi, this round's Game Master, seems mainly
    interested in saving her own skin.

    She appears a loyal follower of the Conductor, but
    the appearance of a promising candidate for
    Composer would quickly change her tune. At this
    point, she has been working hard to recover the
    Conductor's trust after her slip the first day.
    She has issued a single six-day mission-one that
    exploits Beat's greatest weakness: Rhyme.

    Her plan is to panic the pair into committing some
    fatal error while keeping watch from her front-row
    seat within Beat's shadow. This serves both to
    restore her standing with the Conductor and to
    avenge the blow to her pride.
    Beat's greatest desire is to bring her back to life.

    Even if revived, though, Rhyme still lost the Game.
    Her entry fee is non-refundable. I do not know what
    the girl's entry fee was, but a life without it-the
    thing she held most dear-would be filled with grief
    and hardship.

    But is the void in one's heart caused by loss never
    I think it can be. It may take time, but something
    else will come along to fill that empty space-so long
    as one enjoys the present.

    In other words, we needn't mourn the loss of that
    which we hold dear. If only more people realized this...

    The Composer did not impose the entry fee upon
    Players to cause them anguish.

    In experiencing life without the thing one most
    values, Players are forced to reexamine just how
    crucial those things really are. The hope is that by
    the close of the Game, Players will be able to take a
    hard look at themselves, and be able to take on the
    future with a new outlook on life.

    The entry fee exists to force Players to see the
    truth about themselves. It is a test posed by the
    Composer to spur Players' self-enlightenment.

    Secret Report 18 - Indelible Guilt - SRB18|

    Kariya challenges Neku and Beat to a game,
    with Rhyme at stake. Can they win her back?

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Collect the report for Beat, Day 3.

    Star 2: Collect the report for Joshua, Day 7.

    Star 3: Get the gakuran. (An extra "!!!")
    After clearing the box puzzles and the scene where Beat explains
    their deaths, there's another !!! that will appear on the right
    side of the screen in Miyashita Park Underpass which has the

    Report Contents---------

    The Conductor has begun his work with the Red Skull
    pins. By bringing Shibuya's collective consciousness
    in line with his own, he hopes to accomplish his goal
    of rebuilding Shibuya.

    The Conductors' zeal is unparalled among Reapers.
    His strong presence was central to the Composer's
    ability to govern Shibuya, an area considered
    exceptionally chaotic even among the Higher Plane's
    That the Composer would consent to base his plans
    for Shibuya's destruction on a Game with the
    Conductor shows his unwavering trust in his

    The unification of minds is the natural state of the
    Higher Plane. Given time, it might happen throughout
    the Underground. The current UG, however, is not

    People have erected walls around their minds,
    dividing their collective consciousness.
    They coexist independently, like the cells that make
    up a single human being.

    While the Player pin holds Imagination strong enough
    to pass through those walls, the pin user's own
    barriers are strengthened. Were that not the case,
    the incoming flood of other minds could erode at the
    user's own consciousness. Consequently, those who
    hold Players Pins cannot be scanned.
    Why does individuality exist?

    This is something the Conductor has overlooked.
    Everything that exists has a purpose. Obsessed with
    his egoistic "protection" of Shibuya, the Conductor
    has blinded himself to the facts. With his blind ego
    funneled into everyone in Shibuya, the city's
    destruction is not far off.

    So long as there is individuality, it is impossible to
    fully eliminate loneliness. There is no such thing as a
    shared reality.
    Even people who believe they share a connection are
    not truly connected. They must actually make
    contact, clash, and learn about others through
    their foreignness.

    Differences should not be denied; they should be
    accepted and enjoyed.

    People must realize this if Shibuya is to be spared
    from destruction.

    Secret Report 19 - Vanishing Point - SRB19|

    Neku and Beat scour Shibuya in search of Konishi,
    only to find something has befallen the town...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Collect the report for Beat, Day 4.

    Star 2: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise symbols.
    Symbol above the AMX logo in the AMX. Requires you to kill them
    in 1, 2, 3 order.
    Symbol is right on the mouth of the Moyai statue in the
    West Exit Bus Terminal. Requires Onmyo Pin
    Symbol is in Towa Records
    Symbol in Shibu Dept. Store

    Star 3: Get the Head Honcho uniform. (Check the one left out)
    Talk to the Reaper standing right below the Shibu-Q Heads

    Star 4: Eliminate the boss symbol No. 47 within this chapter at Hard or
    Symbol is above the blue garage in Dogenzaka, near the left

    Report Contents---------

    I've detected an energy spike here. It would seem
    Minamimoto has returned.

    I judged his revival unlikely after spotting his Taboo
    refinery sigil on the first day, but it appears
    Minamimoto's Imagination is much stronger than I'd
    anticipated. The Fallen Angel must have completed
    the array for him. A troubling thought. Who can say
    what impact this will have on the Composer and
    Conductor's Game?

    Minamimoto has one goal now: to find the Composer
    and erase him.
    Minamimoto has been tracking the Composer's
    movements. He must know that the Composer
    frequents this café. Chances are, he'll pay a visit

    As for the Composer, I have yet to receive any word
    from him. Could the Composer's abilities now be so
    limited that he cannot even reach me?

    I may need to contact myselves in the parallel worlds
    to help search for him.
    Let me expand on the concept of parallel worlds.

    In life, reality is made up of a continuous string of
    choices, and the consequences of those choices.
    Every time a choice is made, the option not selected
    branches off and exists as its own reality: a parallel

    Countless numbers of such parallel worlds exist
    within a single plane, be it the RG or the UG, and
    travel among them is possible through the use of
    Theoretically, anyone can jump to a parallel world,
    but penetrating the membrane between worlds
    requires up-tuning one's vibe. This limits the pool of
    beings able to make the trip.

    Additionally, stress caused by breaking through the
    barrier can pull down the traveler's base vibe. If the
    vibe dips, the frequency may be too low to pass
    through the barrier. In the worst cases, it may
    render the traveler unable to return to his or her
    own original world.
    Conversely, Angels are beings meant to jump
    between worlds. Thus, such travel is a simple matter.

    Angels have a higher base vibe than the frequency
    of the Underground, allowing them to leave the UG,
    then tune their vibe to that of the desired parallel

    Secret Report 20 - Stride - SRB20|

    With the Composer's identity seemingly revealed,
    Neku and Beat hurry to Hanekoma's café...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Collect the report for Beat, Day 5.

    Star 2: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise symbols.
    Symbol floats near bottom of the Station Underpass
    Symbol at the very top of the Udagawa Back Streets, have to kill
    all the pigs on both screens.
    Symbol at the Shibu Department Store

    Star 3: Get the lucky mallet. (SHOWN A DREAM)
    Go back to Beat Day 3, Complete the level without interfering
    with the reaper creeper (meaning decline to play it) and the 2nd
    Ramen shop will be open once you travel back to day 6.Visit the
    second shop and you will get the Lucky mallet.

    Star 4: Eliminate the boss symbol No. 93 within this chapter at Hard or
    Symbol floats above the statue of Hachiko.

    Report Contents---------
    I have Located the Composer.

    He is in a world where Tin Pin Slammer-of all
    things!- reigns supreme. I am off to retrieve him.

    Minamimoto has definitely targeted this shop, and
    not with friendly intentions. It is essential that I
    leave here immediately.

    I will leave the keypin to the Shibuya River for the
    proxy. He should know what to do from there.
    Shibuya's fate has been placed in the proxy's hands.

    It is no longer safe for me in the UG. My work here is

    All that remains is to retrieve the Composer from the
    parallel world, and bring him back to this one.

    Secret Report 22 - Game - SRB22|

    Neku and Beat head for the Shibuya River to
    take the Composer down. If they only knew...

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Collect the report for Beat, Day 6.

    Star 2: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise symbols.
    Symbol at Miyashita Park, very bottom left right below the exit
    Orange pig that teleports around, easily killed with sync.

    Star 3: Get the samurai helm. (Does some shop stock it?)
    Enter the Ramen Don, and the shopkeeper finally pays you for
    eating his disgusting ramen with this nice shiny samurai helm!

    Star 4: Eliminate the boss symbol No. 94 within this chapter at Hard or
    Defeat the Iron Maiden in the Rubicon, then scan for the boss
    near the white waterfall to the left of the bridge.

    Report Contents---------

    The Composer defeated the Conductor.

    The Composer defeated the proxy.

    However, he stayed his decision to destroy
    Shibuya. It seems the course of the Game has
    brought about a change of heart in the Composer.

    Yes, Shibuya persists-but it is no longer the same
    city it was a month ago.
    In its stead, a completely new Shibuya has arisen.
    As the Composer has changed, so Shibuya itself has

    One month previous, Shibuya was plagued with
    problems-dire enough to motivate the Composer to
    destroy it.

    Today, Shibuya has shifted into what We Angels
    believe to be the optimal parallel world.
    To complete this puzzle, all of the pieces had to be
    set in their proper place. If even one was incorrect,
    the entire picture would be ruined.

    Rhyme's selfless display of kindness.
    Higashizawa's bottomless career ambitions.
    Konishi's heart of stone.
    The Conductor's wild actions, born from overflowing

    All of these were necessary if Shibuya were to be
    born anew. There are no extra pieces, no irrelevant
    Accept society as an ever-changing thing, and your
    mind will also become flexible. Individuals will link
    together, and enact change throughout society.

    This is the only way to weather-no, to ride high
    upon the waves of the ever-changing world. It was
    no coincidence the Composer opted for this simple
    method in the end.
    My gratitude goes out to you all. I greatly look
    forward to what this new Shibuya will become.
    Thank you.

    Week ? - Another Day

    Secret Report 21 - This Day Ends with You! - SRAD21|

    On a certain day, at a certain time, in a different
    world...this, like, totally really happened.

    Complete the Following to view this day's report:

    Star 1: Collect the report for Beat, Day 7.

    Star 2: Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise symbols.
    Symbol above the Yellow door on the left of Cat Street. Requires
    Thunder Rook pin to defeat it.
    Symbol floating right beneath the elevator door on each floor
    after you clear the room of other noise
    Two Symbols on floor 13

    Star 3: Get the girls' uniform with sweater.
    (This stage is as dark as ever)
    Concert Stage, top right corner, same place as last time.

    Star 4: Eliminate the ultimate enemy at the top of Pork City.

    Report Contents---------

    I entered the parallel world and contacted the
    Composer. Unexpectedly, he seemed to be enjoying
    his stay. In fact, the reason he had not contacted
    me was because he was too busy playing Tin Pin.
    I made him promise to meet me at the Shibuya River.
    In the meantime, I need to hide out so as not to
    meet myself in this world.

    Usually, Angels existing as multiple entities within
    the same world poses little problem. However, mine is
    a somewhat...special case.

    You see, I am the Fallen Angel who taught Minamimoto
    how to refine Taboo Noise.

    Minamimoto owes his successful rebirth to the
    corrections I made to his flawed Taboo refinery sigil.

    I must hide in Pork City for fear that my alternate
    self in this world may report me on sight.
    Minamimoto is my backup plan to ensure Shibuya's
    survival. If the Composer does not change his mind,
    this unique city will be lost.

    I must prevent that at any cost.

    Thus, I've deemed it necessary to cross the
    boundaries Angels usually respect. I happily accept
    the stigma of Fallen Angel for this cause.
    Well then. It's about time to meet him...

    After calling the Composer and hearing his cheery
    voice, I feel as if my shadows fall even darker.

    But darkness has always been husband to light.
    I sincerely hope that someday my sins will be judged

    I still hold faith that they will. Now, and
    One last thing. To the Composer's pick.

    Neku Sakuraba...

    The future you must choose is within you.
    I am glad to have had the chance to meet you.

    Legal Stuff
    This guide is copyrighted 2008 Jonathan Run.
    This FAQ cannot be published on any website without consulting me first.
    If the content in this guide is published in full or with minor word
    change, action can range from contacting your Internet Provider or
    Website Provider, to legal action.


    Thanks to SquareEnix for creating a game that was so awesome that I just
    write a guide on it. Oh, and Jupiter too I suppose.

    Thanks to Koby8642 for clarifying SRS4's box method!

    Thanks to Fari for providing two Pig Noise symbols for SRJ12 and SRJ13
    numbering error!

    Thanks to SniperZwolf for providing the Pig Noise symbol for SRJ12 and
    specifics for defeating it!

    Thanks to Ido for an error correction withing Secret Report 4!

    Thanks to alto_160 for providing numerous Boss symbol locations that
    I was too lazy to re-find >_>!

    Thanks to rabbyrab for letting me know about my numbering area involving
    the last two Secret Reports!

    Thanks to Element fun for a bunch of typo fixes!

    Thanks to you for reading this guide!

    Please direct any questions or comments to [email protected]

    The World Ends With You: Secret Report FAQ by SilverRawnblade
    Version 0.96, Last Updated 2008-05-12 View/Download Original File
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    ... Did you ever consider that this post would completely useless before you hit the post button?
  3. Urza

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    And even if you didn't, you could have just posted a link.
  4. Szyslak

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    Did you consult with the author about posting his work on another website?

    Not only is this post pointless and hard to read, but I would wager it's not in line with the author's intentions.
  5. chalupa

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    actually, I wanted to read this at school as I never do anything 4th period but gamefaqs is blocked. Thought maybe someone else could use it too.
  6. Urza

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    Don't dump your crap on our board.
  7. chalupa

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    pastebin is blocked too.
  8. arctic_flame

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    Then use your workspace. That's what it's for.
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    What Urza said, but in a more polite and professional way.

    Topic closed.

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