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    Aug 3, 2006

    Introduction: Rhythm Tengoku (Translated to Rhythm Heaven)
    If you are a fan of Wario Wares Inc., Beatmania, DDR, and/or, etc., the game is for you. This game consists of many different micro-games, just like Wario Wares, but the game is base on music and rhythm. It's about pressing buttons at the right time of the beat.

    First, when you started to game, There will be a rhythm test for the users. After the user completed the rhythm test, then you will advance to a menu consist of (from top to bottom):

    -Rhythm Games, which is a list of many microgames you will unlock as you play through as well as extra, which I will mention it at the bottom of this review. The game have 5 Boss stage (Remix Stages)The games are easily grade. There are(not a real jap translation) :
    FAIL - if you get this one, you will not unlock the next game and will have to replay the game
    PASS - You will be able to advance to the next game
    Hi-Level - You will be able to advance to the next game and receive a medal!(can unlock extra)
    -The second menu is the Rhythm Check. Yes, it's the one that you test when you first boot the game for the first time.
    -The third menu(sorry I can't translate this one) has a bunch of texts list in japanese, including some in-game songs' lyrics.
    -The forth menu is Stereo, from the name you should already guess what is inside this menu. It's a sound mode that you can even play along with it! When you first enter the Stereo menu, there will be a list of many tracks from the games. After you select a track, It will show a sub menu:
    Listening - Just listening to the music, with an "acid-trip" animated back ground.
    Drumming - If you think Listening is not good enough for you, Drumming will let you beat your own rhyme to match he song's using D-Pad, Shoulder buttons, and A and B.
    Move - Move the track up or down the list.
    Check - Check the check mark in front of the playlist.
    The last and least important menu in the game, Option. There are two things inside:
    1st Option lets you switch between Mono to Stereo.
    2nd Option CLEAR YOUR DATA. So don't press it if you don't want to lose everything you have been collecting.


    Same as Wario Wares. Rhythm Tengoku also have many things for you to unlock. Wait, you wanna know how? Sure!
    As you play the mini micro games, If you beat the game with Hi-Level rank, You will earn a medal. After you play for a while, there will be a RANDOM "Perfect Campaign" in one of your Medal-earned game. As the name states Perfect. You will have to beat that game again with PERFECT grade. That means you can't miss and can't play extra things out of the beat. After you beat the fist 5 levels, the extra items will show up to the left of the 1st level you've played:
    From Top to bottom
    The extra can be unlock by getting medals from the micro games.
    Live Concert - Just like the Drumming option in the Stereo menu but this time you are playing live in front of people. You play well, watch the crowd, they will go crazy for you.
    Staff - Unlocked after you completed the game. Credit Rolls.(It's the same credit icon like every Wario Wares games (i'm talking about that little black alien thing)
    Drum Lesson - As you gain medals you will unlock several drum lessons. It's basically play by ears. You follow the pattern of the leader. You get grade after the lesson, to see how accurate you are.
    Game - There are total of 4 games that can be unlock here.
    Rhythm Making(sorry, can't translate this neither) - It's like toys you can unlock in wario wares. It has total of 4 items.
    Cafe Corner - Sorry, I don't know what does it do.

    Other Extra:

    After you beat the game once, there will be 3 extra bosses for you to play, and 12 more games mostly remix of the old one.
    You can unlock more music in stereo menu by beating the perfect campaign.


    Graphic - Very Wario Wares-like. 2D with fluid animation mition - 8/10
    Sound - You will hear it every single game and there are none that will not get your attention very good music, some with voices - 9/10
    Gameplay - What can I say, if you are a fan of Wario's crazy little games and beatmania - 9/10
    Replay-ability - Same as music. You love music, you will love to play this game for a long, long time. -9/10
    Overall - An amazing ramdom rhythm-based micro-games. Some hilarious actions of the characters in the game plus amazing songs make this game a number one on my list - 9/10

    Final Rating: 8.8/10

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