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    Aug 3, 2006


    Hmm, many people owns it, including me, why not making a review out of it, from my point of view.

    Ah! the improved version of the "phat" DS. Nintendo DS Lite has many improvements from the original release, including smaller size, bigger stylus, longer battery life, and removed that clicking noises when you press the buttons.

    The Goods in the Box:

    The DS Lite came in a white box, a lot smaller than the Phat's. The box contains
    x1 DS Lite
    x1 DS Lite Charger AC Adapter (Input 110 V)
    x2 Stylus (one in the DS Lite and an extra in the box)

    and several documents that I and many people do not care to read.


    DS has two screen aligned vertically one over another. The top screen is NOT TOUCHABLE(don't be dumb and end up scratching it), unlike the bottom screen.
    Both screens have LCD with backlight. Both screen has the same spec that is : 3- inches LCD, 192x256 pixel , and 260,000 colors. The bottom screen has transparent resistive touch screen.
    It has 2 stereo speakers on left and right side of the top screen which produce rather really well quality. The microphone is in the center between top and bottom screen can be use with voice recognition in the game.
    The DS has total of 7 buttons and a D-Pad, same as the SNES. It's overall shape is coated with additional clear plastic over the real body of the DS, creating an iPod-lookalike impression.


    The DS Lite, like the Phat one, came with the firmware or built-in start up screen. The first time you boot your DS you will be ask to enter your name , birthdate, current time and lastly calibrating your touch screen for the best performance. For the first time and every time you boot up your DS Lite, there will be a famous warning screen to tell you to go read the health and safety precautions booklet(yeah, like I'm gonna break my wrist, playing DS). After you passed that screen, You will reach the Main Menu. The top screen acts as a real-time clock, and calendar. The bottom screen is the menu. The top rectangle will show you what DS game is inserted then below, there are two rectangles. On the left is Pictochat, the built-in DS wireless chat program that can let you chat with other DS users around you. On the right is DS Download Play, for downloading multiplayer games from a single card game, or just download some demos from many game store across the US. The bottom rectangle is a for running GBA game. The lower-left has the brightness adjustment and the lower right, you can set the alarm clock to let your DS wakes you up.

    The DS, unlike PSP DO NOT have high quality performance, yet it's sales in Japan totally kicked PSP out of its way to success. It does not provide high quality but that is not how people looks at the game. That is not the only factor that make the game fun. The most important factor is that the gameplay is totally new and revolutionize. Yeah, we have been pressing buttons for many years. Yes, but the introduction of touch screen and microphone will make the DS the next-gen handheld.

    The Goods and the Bads of DS Lite:

    +4 adjustable brightness
    +Smaller than the Phat DS
    +Larger Stylus
    +Capable of playing DS games as well as GBA
    +Longer battery life(aprox. 15-19 hours on lowest light)

    -Left Hinge Cracks!!!!!!!!! Many people faced this problem(fortunately haven't happen to mine...........yet.....hopefully not)
    -The speakers was degraded. The Phat DS's speakers give out more sound, more bass.
    -Smudges on your DS's outer plastic shell.
    -Cheaper than PSP


    It is the handheld game system that is truely the next-gen of the gaming world. Especially with the flashcart and passthrough device. It is a little entertainment system for you.

    Score: 9/10

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