Restore Smash Brothers Legit Cart Savedata?

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    May 5, 2010
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    Well, I actually can't play it because I switched my 3DS for another one that is stuck in Firmware 4.x~8.1, and MTCard Emunand 9.4.

    The problem is, that I cannot use my copy of Smash Bros because on 8.1 it asks for the latest update, I downloaded the update on emuNAND, and even if both my nands are linked the update data doesn't work on sysNAND 8.1.

    the only way to solve this is to boot the cart on emuNAND 9.4, but because of the crypto problem, my data will be flsuched away... and when it ghets fixed, the same problem will happen.

    I want to backup my current data, so I can play using the emuNAND starting again in the mean time, and when it gts fixed, or when Gateway fixes the problem loading emuNAND without the cart insterted, restore my old savedata.

    Thanks in advance and I hope I made this clear.