Resident Evil Showcase Oct 20th, 2022 - Live Coverage

October has been quite packed with horror-title announcements. Silent Hill got its fair share of new titles announced yesterday, and now it's Capcom's Resident Evil time to shine. This showcase will focus on new gameplay and a new trailer for the Resident Evil 4 Remake, and Resident Evil 8's Winters' Expansion, which features new content for RE8 including a new campaign featuring Ethan's daughter, Rose, Mercenaries Additional Orders and a brand-new 3rd Person mode for the main game.

The video description also mentions "much more" under its description, but it's still unknown if it's a new announcement, or additional information regarding either RE4 or RE8's DLC.

And the showcase begins:
  • A time counter within a time counter (guess one wasn't enough)
  • The showcase properly begins now, we get a quick glimpse of all the games that will be shown. We start with RE8, with the Duke talking to the protagonist in what seems to be a library as an introduction to the Showcase.

  • A trailer begins for "Shadows of Rose", getting a quick recap of what happened up to where the DLC begins (and some nice parts of 3rd person Ethan) with Rose and her visit to the village.
  • Some words by the director of the DLC, Kento Kinoshita, where they detail their choices towards picking Rose for the DLC campaign.
  • Details about The Mercenaries Additional Orders, and what lead the team to choose specific characters for the new DLC for Mercenaries
  • The devs explain their decision towards adding the 3rd Person mode, and it seems they tried their best to still obfuscate Ethan's face, even in this 3rd person view.
  • A Demo for 3rd Person mode is now available for download.
  • Resident Evil Village will come to Mac systems on October 28th, 2022, the same date as the new DLC.

  • We shift focus to Re:Verse, each purchase of RE Village will include this and there will be additional content released for it later on.

  • Ubitus is in charge of the Cloud versions for the Nintendo Switch of the current-gen Resident Evil titles, which includes RE7, RE8, and the remakes of both RE2 and RE3.
    RE8 Cloud will include the DLC.

  • RE4 is now the focus, with a quick teaser look into the remake.
  • New gameplay footage of RE4 is shown, we see Leon walking through the woods and then into a cabin and its basement, in what seems to be the beginning of the game and the first encounter with an infected Ganado.
  • Some stealth mechanics seem to take part of the game, as Leon can be seen ducking in some areas to avoid the Ganados finding him.
  • We get to the iconic village area and we finally see Leon fighting the Ganados during this section, all with a revamped sequence of the cutscene where Dr. Salvador appears. The villagers seem to retain many of their iconic spanish lines from the original RE4.
  • The locations and architecture seems to be pretty close to the original, but with a full-on graphical and detailed revamp thanks to the advanced RE Engine.
  • Attache Case is back, and you will be able to manage your items and weapons just like in the original, but this time you'll be able to craft new items.
  • Merchant is also back, and he will be able to purchase many items, weapons upgrade them.
  • Leon will be able to perform several melee attacks like in the original.
  • The PS4 version of RE4 can be upgraded to the PS5 one without additional cost.
  • There will be a Deluxe Edition of RE4, with new costumes, treasure map and weapons.
  • A Collector's Edition will also be available which includes many perks, like a Leon figurine, artwork and more. Pre-order bonuses also add many other things.
  • Pre-ordering in PlayStation Store gives you the RE4 OST as a gift.
  • One final trailer is shown, giving us a look at the Zealots from the castle, our first look into Luis Sera, Bitores Mendez, and the 1st encounter with Ashley in the Church. We also see Ada, the Gigante, the enemy Del Lago, and Salazar's new look.
  • RE4 is up for pre-orders right now.
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Editorial Team
Jan 17, 2013
Thankfully. They're Spanish villagers originally so that's how it should be.

RE4 is described as being in "Europe," but obviously it was in Spain (the Castillan side, rather than the Catalan, Galician, or etc).

Looking forward to this as I've never liked the tank controls of RE4.

What I meant with the "iconic spanish lines" was that it's almost the same ones (and other new ones) from the original RE4.
As a native Spanish speaker, I cannot stress enough just how fun and absurd it was to hear lines like those, and how me and other friends made fun of them and repeated them in ordinary basis just to have a laugh.
It's a nice touch that they decided to keep stuff like that in the Remake, and touch it up a notch.
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