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    Aug 16, 2015
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    Not sure if this falls under pure warez, but if it does, kill the thread immediately.

    Being someone who abuses equipment to a T in terms of casual play, but has had to render their save file nonexistent multiple times, this is extremely difficult. Nobody wants to deal with farming their ridiculous stockpile of a year's worth of classic-on-9.0, perfectly-played-Smash-Run quality non cheated shit all over again, especially when it comes to having zany online matches with utterly ridiculous random setups.

    Sooooo.. simple need:

    Throw your Smash savefile. That's really about it. Plan is, I can compile all of this equipment into a single file of the hex that you'd need to replace the equipment of your save file is - after which you'd have all of the equipment compiled so far, preferably up to the 3000 cap the game sets, to use.

    Before you submit one be absolutely sure that your save file doesn't have equipment that will regularly disconnect you from online; this is something frowned upon for pretty obvious reasons (that people kinda want to be able to use these online, otherwise they'd hack it in themselves, especailly in my case).

    All this or someone could make a program that generates actual shit tons of equipment using the game's code to guarantee no cheat issues, but that's not a thing atm and I don't have the knowledge necessary to create it.
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