Can anyone send me a Super Smash Bros Ultimate 12.0 Save


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Oct 5, 2021
Hey guys, I hope this is allowed, and If not, I'm incredibly sorry.

I recently updated to Switch firmware 13.0.0 and I also updated all my games. ( I haven't used my switch in about a year ). When I hacked my switch about a year ago I just flashed the Sysmmc because I didn't care about online/being banned. This wiped out my Supersmash save that had all the characters unlocked - the proper way. Since then I haven't played smash because I just didn't want to take the time to re-unlock the characters.

Anyways, Long story short, I'm on version 12.0.0 of Smash Ultimate, and I've been googling all day to figure out how to unlock all the characters.

Some posts have recommended using Edizon to "unlock" all. I only have 4 cheats in my Edizon and none of them include the . I'm using Edizon SE as it seems the "original" is not being maintained ( I could be wrong, I just saw the latest release was sometime in 2019, and it doesn't work on atmostphere 1.1.1 and firmware 13.0.0 for me). I also tried dumping the save file and modifying it in a Hex Editor like suggested on some reddit posts I found, and I was unable to successfully do that. I tried injecting someone else's save from reddit, and it also didn't work.

My last hope is to maybe try someone else's save if they'd be willing to give it to me.

Or if anyone knows why I don't have that cheat available in Edizon SE. I hope its not due to firmware 13.0.0 but I wouldn't be surprised if it is.

Thanks all for your help!

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