Request: Port Ralf's PAL Gotcha Force "Make Save Copyable / Valid" code to NTSC-U

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    Hello! I'm trying to get a couple of codes for the GC game, Gotcha Force, ported from PAL to NTSC-U. However, I'm a complete newbie to this kind of coding, so I can only ask others for help.

    Anyhow, some friends of mine played Gotcha Force a lot back in their youth, and they want to revisit it with me. Unfortunately, their old save file with everything unlocked was lost -- and they don't have time to go back and re-unlock everything from scratch. I tried importing saves from others via GCMM, but the serial protection makes them show up as corrupted.

    That used to be the case for NTSC-U F-Zero GX, another game with serial save protection -- until Ralf@gc-forever ported his PAL codes that allow the game save to be made Copyable and Valid. He has the same kind of codes for PAL Gotcha Force, but says he cannot port them to NTSC-U without an original copy of the NTSC-U game disc. Ralf has actually made very many excellent PAL Gamecube codes that I wish could be ported to NTSC-U... But, one thing at a time!

    Here are the two Gotcha Force codes I want to get ported from PAL to NTSC-U:

    Make Game Save Copyable [Ralf]
    C22249B4 00000002
    38000004 981C0034
    38000000 00000000

    Make Game Save Valid [Ralf]
    C222484C 00000002
    3800000C 98040034
    8061001C 00000000


    For comparison, here are the same codes for the PAL and NTSC-U versions of F-Zero GX:
    Is there anyone here who knows how to port codes like these? Is there no way to port them without the original game disc? My friends and I would really appreciate any help getting these codes ported from PAL to NTSC-U. If it's not too much to ask, NTSC-U ports of Ralf's other PAL Gotcha Force codes would be great to have, as well.

    If it helps, I have access to the original NTSC-U game disc, and I can run the game via Dolphin, so I guess I can generate RAM dumps if necessary.

    If anyone has any links to up-to-date, well-written, and easy-to-follow guides on the subject of porting Gamecube codes, those would be very helpful.

    Thanks for your time and any assistance!

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