[Request]An exporter for swapdoodle drawings

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    I would appreciate if someone would create a tool/utility to export the drawings from swapdoodle into viewable images(bmp,jpeg,png,...). I would preferably like a bulk exporter, as myself and many others may have a few hundred images to export.

    As for why not just take screenshots with NTR/hans/other homebrew:
    1)it becomes a pain to do for a large amount of images
    2)the mii's and the UI can get in the way.

    I have looked into the file format a bit. Looks like they use lz77 compression of some sort.
    It also looks like the first part of the file is information about the drawing, while the second part is possibly the image itself thumbnails

    I've attached a folder of sample doodles, both compressed and uncompressed(no idea what are in the doodles)

    If I'm not allowed to post the doodles, I'll take them down

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