Homebrew [request] All in 1 save\dumper tool


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Sep 19, 2013
i had been thinking on something...
we have separated apps and tools for saves and dumps
we have 3ds save managers ( svdt, data filler and others)
we have DS save managers ( twl save tool)
and now we have a newly "wood dumper" (which if i am not wrong its kinda a remake of the wood dumper for ds)

can we have a save manager tool that can can do this in 1 single homebrew?

the homebrew will backup\restore\\import\export ds and 3ds game carts
can dump 3ds, and ds games with the dsi partition

extra features:
can copy the saves from\to most common flashcarts (for example, move from internal sd to the flashcart micro sd card.. this way i can backup my original ds cart and move into the flashcart directly without a pc and sd swapping)
practical GUI (we don't need to press 50 keys to do a single task)
basic file manager (we could use the basic file manager to move around the saves)
we can configure it with default path for each type of saves
VC games save import\export (and i don't know if its asking for too much but it would be cool if we could swap\inject the vc games)
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