Hacking RENPDRM Fried Whitelist


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Sep 1, 2010
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Antiblacklist 1.2 won't won't properly anymore, also of note, I used "simpleaccountswitcher" right after i used version 5 of RENPDRM, anyway...Version 2 of the whitelist won't install, and is not identified.

I won't lose any data on my sd2vita card, but I have to white the memory on the pstv and reinstall everything, since something in either the firmware or account setting was modified by RENPDRM or sony, don't know what.

(also, MTL Activator would not work properly until I deleted the henkaku.config text file in the ur0:tai folder and the henkaku plugin and replace the henkaku plugin..............It could be much worst, my pstv could be bricked from RENPDRM)

(also, my pstv is not activated on my sony account, and I can't deactivate the console, plus, already used the option before so thats a 6 month or so wait, thats not a big deal but more trouble from RENPDRM)

Anyone have any bricks of their vita from RENPDRM?

FIXED (RENPDRM PIECE OF JUNK!!!) (No need to reformat Vita)

I ran vitaRW.vpk, then i installed and ran, antiblacklist 1.1, then I uninstalled antiblacklist 1.1, and installed antiblacklist 1.2, ran vitaRW again, and ran antiblacklist 1.2 again.

after that

the console restarted, and the database refreshed and the whitelist is working again!
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