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    hey iv put together a few apps which have been floating around for a while to remove error 001 messages and updates on iso images and hopefully written a helpful instruction to be able to do this

    heres the link

    if anyone knows any other free file hosting sites which will host for longer il upload it to that cheers

    Removing Error #001

    Load .iso in WIIScrubber

    select patition 2 -data and click on then right click on main.dol

    select save

    now open GenericWiiPatcher.exe

    open the main.dol you saved

    select search for Error 001-Fix

    then select remove 001

    now click save and exit genericwiipatcher

    now open WiiScrubber
    load the iso

    now select patition 2 -data and right click on main.dol

    select load and select the main.dol you patched with genericwiipatcher

    wiiscrubber will now take a moment to do its job

    close wiiscrubber

    now open Wii Brick Blocker, use browse to find iso file, click on read info,

    then click patch it will then say complete in red letters at the bottom,

    now exit Wii brick blocker

    burn with Imgburn at 2.4x

    make sure u use a dvd+r and booktype it as dvd-rom

    use options in genericwiipatcher and rigionfrii to change its region

    from pal to ntsc or ntsc to pal ectect i would recomend using both options to make sure its

    deff on ur region!

    cheers LivEviL
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